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Play shoe

► The 2017 Latin American Play Shoe is on Image Campus.

Days and Hours:
Friday 30 / 06 / 17 18: 00 hs to 22: 00 hs
Saturday 01 / 07 / 17 and Sunday 02 / 07 / 17 10: 00 hs to 22: 00 hs
Location: Image Campus

What is the Play Shoe?

La Zapada Lúdica is a space orchestrated and managed by Fabián Martínez Torre, Director of Lúdamente.
It is playfully space oriented to table games and players. Ludically it does training and diffusion with and of Table Games

It consists of a meeting of 3 days whose objective will be the development of complete Table Games, from its original idea to its final layout. Inspired in the mechanics of the Global Game Jam and growing, it is an innovative proposal for a huge and creative audience.

The first playful shoe that was made was only in Argentina and had six venues. Currently, it will be held simultaneously in: Mexico, Paraguay and Chile, among others.

Who can participate?

All board game enthusiasts who want to make their own prototypes and especially, GameDesign graduates.

How to contact:

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Jump 239 C1074AAE
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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