3D production with Cinema 4D

Learn Animation, Materials, Lighting, 3D Modeling and Rendering.

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This course offers a complete and comprehensive training for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of 3D using Maxon Cinema 4D as the main tool. It is designed so that you can start from scratch until you reach the final render. You will learn modeling, lighting, materials, animation and 3D rendering with the latest industry trends. You will be able to work both in video and TV production companies, advertising agencies and audiovisual content producers, as well as in your own projects.

The contents and tools are aimed at meeting the different needs: knowing all the stages of 3D modeling, creating materials and textures, lighting, animation, dynamic simulations, handling the procedural animation tools of Mograph and Render, etc.

Always oriented towards the production of practical exercises, you will be able to assemble your professional demoreel with the requirements of the industry.

What do you learn?

  • Workflow of an 3D production.
  • 3D Modeling: Polygonal modeling techniques, parametric, box modeling, poly by poly, surface modeling, use of deformators.
  • Materials: Material properties, photorealistic materials such as metals, plastics, woods, industrial materials. Creation of cartoon and cell shading materials. Uvs mapping.
  • Lighting: 3D lighting photographic techniques, types of lights and their main configurations, types of shadows, direct and indirect lighting, lighting effects. Studio lighting.
  • Animation: Fundamental principles of animation. Interpolation and smoothing of movements through the use of graphics and animation curves. Cyclical animations and looping. Trajectories. Creation, configuration and animation of cameras.
  • Mograph: Cloners. Effectors. Motext. Creation of breaks through Voronoi Fracture.
  • Dynamic simulations of rigid objects.
  • Render and final composition.

Main software to use

Maxon Cinema 4D 3d modeling software icon
Adobe Photoshop icon software editing pixels
Adobe Illustrator icon program software vector
After Effects Adobe, software icon
Adobe Media Encoder icon
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Companies where our graduates work

3Dars, companies where graduates of Image Campus work
AMC Tv logo companies
Laposta, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Methanoia, companies where Image Campus graduates work
NXA Studios, companies where Image Campus graduates work
ARTEAR company logo

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    • 1 Module: Modelling
    • 2 Module: Materials, Lighting and UV Mapping
    • 3 Module: Animation and Mograph
    • 4 Module: Dynamic Simulations
    • 5 Module: Render and Composition

    Meet your mentors

    Diego Mendel. professor of image campus, Designer and audiovisual producer at Huella Digital (Co-founder). Certified by Adobe as ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) and ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) in After Effects and Premiere

    Diego Mendel
    Designer and audiovisual producer at Huella Digital (co-founder). Certified by Adobe as ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) and ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) in After Effects and Premiere. Certified as an Autodesk Certified Professional in Autodesk Maya. Between 2008 and 2013 he worked as a professor and academic coordinator at the SAGA institute, at the Salvador and Belo Horizonte, Brazil campuses. Serves production companies in Argentina and Brazil as a freelancer in the motion graphics area. At Image Campus he has worked since 2014 as content coordinator and teacher in the Multimedia Production career, the motion graphics professional training path and as an Image Campus consultant professor for training companies.

    Areas where our graduates work

    Comprehensive 3D Content Maker

    Game Artist

    Motion Grapher

    Illuminator / Look Developer

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources

    In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

    Who choose us?

    3D Production for Graphic Design

    Are you a Graphic Designer? With this course you will add to your expertise one of the most powerful 3D tools in the industry (Maxon Cinema 4D), which also integrates perfectly with your Adobe Suite.

    3D Workflow for Art Direction

    Are you an Art Director? With this course you will solve classic problems of the profession that impact on the performance and productivity of your team.

    3D Modeling and Animation for CGI Editing

    Are you a CGI Editor? With this course you will learn to organize your ideas, improve your workflow and achieve the highest quality of your 3D pieces

    After Effects and Cinema 4D for Advertising or Content Production

    Are you a Publicist or Content Producer? With this course you will learn from scratch Animation with Adobe After Effects and Modeling with Maxon Cinema 4D to bring your ideas to life