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Development in Augmented Reality


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We present you the first course in Latin America of Augmented Reality programming oriented to WEB AR, designed by specialists with extensive experience and in a 100% online format. WEB AR solves many of the main problems that limit the use of RA, increasing the potential scope of the user experience and opening new business opportunities on the web. Learn the best techniques and tools used and enhance your personal brand in one of the industries with the highest demand and growth globally.
Pre requirements:
It is recommended to have basic 3D, Javascript, or any other programming language.
You will make the most of the course completed.

Who choose us?

Programmers, video game developers, 2D and 3D animators, graphic designers.

What do you learn?

Program a web or native experience with augmented reality from scratch.

Identify the different functionalities and interactions that can be done with augmented reality.

Add interactivity between the user and the components in the scene.
Edit, modify and adapt 3D content to incorporate it into experiences.

Publish the experience on the web or in different stores.

Curriculum modules

Module 1: JavaScript Augmented Reality

Module 1: JavaScript Augmented Reality

Module 2: Unity Augmented Reality

Module 2: Unity Augmented Reality

Software and Libraries to use:

Three js

Meet your mentors


Eduardo Martín Labollita

Experienced professional specialized in AR and VR programming and immersive technologies, he is CTO in Palmarius and Mobilliers, Project Director in Bitopía and currently leads projects for national and international companies. Speaker and reference in the world of immersive and teaching in RA and RV areas.
Live Learning Experience

Live learning

Our method is based on 100% online classes, live via streaming, with personalized monitoring of each student and individual feedback at each stage of the learning process, for an overcoming experience that optimizes your potential.
Your Personal Brand

Your brand

Our course, designed in conjunction with first-rate academics and companies, will allow you to broaden your professional horizon, acquiring the knowledge and skills most demanded by the industry.
En innovation
y academic excellence.
Of our students they are working in the industry.
Of our students are recommended by graduates and industry professionals.

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Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with the latest generation computers. One PC per Student with all the Software required for each course.

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