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Gaming Industry: Research, Press, Events, Entrepreneurship and Trends

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  • Basic level of oral/written English is recommended.
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This video game journalism course offers you to learn about the industry, including its evolution and growth, structure and genres of video games, its creators and developers at a local and global level. This training will allow you to link the world of video games in journalistic, public relations and communication productions in general, aimed at different audiences, through any platform. Analysis and practice will be combined, and you will end the journey having created a professional portfolio of diverse communication productions.

What do you learn?

Observe, analyze and understand video games in a systematic way. You will be able to locate all the stages of videogames chronologically: their industrial, economic and institutional procedures and their social impact.

Learn specialized research techniques in video games. You will have the tools to create your own articles, reviews, podcasts, interviews and video-essays for media or independent projects.

Distinguish artistic, narrative, game design, and marketing resources in the different video games and apply them to your endeavors and work. You will know the current national and regional industry, and you will be able to identify the communication and positioning needs of new video games.

Recognize the communication and business opportunities generated by esports and other developer events.


  • Console History
    A journey through the video game proposals that marked the evolution of the industry, the developers and the behavior of each audience. Technical language of video games.

  • Journalistic Tools and Practices in Video Games
    Application of narrative techniques and art criticism to video games of global circulation and indies. Reviews from creative approaches. Basic storytelling techniques. Journalistic exercises, developer interviews, quality review and video game mechanics. News and relevant topics of the current industry.

  • Applied Marketing
    Press kits, positioning campaigns in networks and media, presentation events. International and national media of the specialized press to design their own enterprise.

  • Specialized Investigation Techniques
    I work with primary and secondary sources. RSS readers. Advanced searches. Internet Archive. Wayback Machine. Oral sources and collectors. The “junket” in a marketing event. Coverage of national and international events. Research-based editorial texts. Capture videos and images of a game. Opinology vs. conclusions of an investigation.

  • Sports
    Audiences, relevant actors and growth of esports. Areas of specialization and job opportunities. Esports communication planning: The Riot Games framework and how to apply it with examples to esports.

  • Workshops
    Each of these 5 modules will include spaces for exercise and final production. The journey will also have a integrative final project.

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What is video game journalism?

All journalistic work involves collecting and systematizing information to be published. When cultural productions are disseminated in general, the media and networks replicate the information that the producers themselves generate (press kits, newsletters, teasers and other promotional and pre-launch formats, etc.).

A specialized journalism -increasingly demanded by the video game industry- requires delving into the particular mechanisms of analysis, investigation and production that video games, their actors, their events and their traditional circuits of circulation have generated for decades. For this reason, Image Campus proposes a specialization course for those journalists or students who want to explore the world of videogames.

How is journalism for video games classified?

It is a new branch of journalism, which grows as the cultural and economic impact of video games expands.
We can classify it:

  • By type of video games analyzed: video games can be divided by genre and mechanics of each game, but also by its extension (global, regional, local), by its technological innovation, thematic originality, purpose (commercial, educational, etc.), by the use that communities of players make of it, due to the economic investment, the profile of its developers, the impact on production conditions, the historical development or the evolution of the games. In this sense, it connects with a specific type of art criticism and content analysis.

  • Because of the cultural and economic impact of video games. This view has spread from the opinionology and the particular communicational analysis merits knowledge of cultural studies and the need for specialized journalism training.

  • esports, the organization of events, the growth of teams and clubs and the need to know the particularities of each competition, place esports journalism as a branch within sports journalism.

  • The cryptocurrency market, NFTs (non-fungible tokens, unique digital files) and other technology transfers generated in video games that have transcended the specific production and market. In this sense, video game journalism connects with a branch of economic journalism.

  • In a more general sense of communication, we must also consider the press and different actions of positioning and marketing strategies carried out by the users themselves. video game developers, engines, linked art and animation software, related projects and events.

What is the difference between journalism and video game communication?

As in other areas of social life, journalism is only a particular edge of communication, which is linked to the publication of information produced from different sources and, ideally, with its own or independent vision of what it deals with.
There are other edges of communication, linked to the commercialization of the different videogames, developments and technological tools.

There is also corporate or institutional communication issued by different players in this video game industry (studios, distributors, publishers, educational institutions that train human resources, event organizers, government entities, foundations and associations, player communities, among others).

Part of this more general communication is press strategies and actions, community manager services, marketing proposals and positioning of products, brands and image, as well as the dynamics of articulation between the different video game actors at a local, regional and global level. .

What is Video Games for Journalists and Communicators about?

It is an Image Campus Specialization Path specially designed for those who already have experience and/or training in journalism or other areas of Communication and want to know the history and evolution of video games, their main actors, events, production lines and marketing , specialized media, success stories and truncated experiences, particular systems for the production of communicational pieces, management of specific sources and characteristics of journalistic investigation in video games.


Ignatius Esain (Fichinescu)
Sebastian DiNardo
Mer Grazzini
Juan Lomanto
Emilio Moreira
Pedro Hegoburu

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Infrastructure and Technological Resources

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