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Training path
Duration: 12 classes.
Start date: February 2021.
Days: Monday and Thursday.
Opening hours: 19: 00 22 to: 00 hours.
tentative completion: April 2021.

Unreal Engine 4 for Architectural Visualization

Training path
Duration: 12 classes.
Start date: February 2021.
Days: Monday and Thursday.
Opening hours: 19: 00 22 to: 00 hours.
tentative completion: April 2021.
The continuous advancement of virtual reality peripherals or graphic cards opens up endless new possibilities when it comes to pre-visualizing projects. The difference between being a spectator or feeling and interacting in an environment, marks a new standard in the market.
Unreal Engine is, par excellence, the most used graphic engine in the world, allowing to integrate quality, interactivity and immersion in real time in equal parts, redefining a new concept for the perception of architectural spaces.

What do you learn ?

Preparing and importing a scene from a 3D program to Unreal Engine 4.0.

Limitations and considerations of an engine in real time.

Creation of shaders PBR (Physically based rendering).

Indoor and outdoor stage lighting using Bake, Dynamic light and Ray Tracing.
Manipulation of the appearance of a scene through post process.

Creation of kinematics.

Creation of a virtual tour that allows free movement and interaction with the stage.

Connection with the most modern immersion systems through HTC.
Requirements: Have knowledge of polygonal modeling in 3D Studio Max.
Software to Use
Autodesk 3ds Max, Unreal Engine 4.

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Student Work

Graduate Profile

Studying Unreal Engine 4 for Architectural Visualization in Image Campus, you can work in ArchViz's studies, urban planning, interior design, real estate development, or assembling scenographies through the following tasks:

  • Creation of scenes with Unreal Engine.
  • Materialization, lighting and systems optimization in real-time.
  • Generation of high quality virtual tours with possibility of execution with virtual reality glasses.
YOU WILL RECEIVE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE (approving all evaluation instances) or ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE (crediting the 80% of assistance).

Employment Center

Image Campus has a EMPLOYMENT CENTER where he publishes periodically JOB SEARCHES requested by the most important companies in this industry and with a system of INTERNSHIP in companies, aimed at the most advanced students of careers.

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Design Content

Area Educational Campus Image Management
Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

Companies and / or professionals who collaborated in the design of the curriculum:


Alexis Fioretti

Teacher, professional and co-founder of Waypoint Studios, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. He worked in an interdisciplinary way in the areas of video games, architecture and advertising. As Manager and 3D artist, he developed internationally recognized projects such as Fishing Kings, Hawks or Siberian Strike, among others, for Gameloft. With knowledge of the main software on the market, he currently plays the role of Environmental Artist at Nimble Giant Entertainment working in video games. As a teacher and professional in such a specific field, she remains at the forefront of the latest trends to drive and incentivize the growth of this industry. Specialties: Teaching and research in 3D art.
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Reference Study

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From architectural training at the University of Buenos Aires, three of the four participants in the study have combined their technical and artistic knowledge with the new digital representation tools. The fourth member, a theoretician and technician of Cartesian axes and geometric operations, is a graduate of the 3D Filmmaker career at Image Campus. During the years 2006 to 2008 they were part of the archviz Archpartners studio, which stood very strong in these services in the real estate markets of New York and Boston, reaching images for Jean Nouvel, UN studio, Moshe Safdie, Gwathmey & Siegel, Sasaki , Asymptote, and Elkus Manfredi, among others; and major real estate developers Shvo and Corcoran Sunshine Group. In 2008, Dutto, Sanchez, Sosa and Tomasone started their autonomous entrepreneurship, working locally with architecture studios such as EV + PP, Del Puerto-Sardin, Enrique Cordeyro, etc; other internationals such as Martin Gomez and Pablo Katz; and conceiving strategic alliances with other archviz studios such as Archpartners, Arx Solutions, Acusourcing, Craft CG, and many others. Exodos Imagen has the satisfaction of having participated in the creation of images for architecture studios that have won international architecture competitions such as the remodeling of the Rivadavia Hospital and the Golden Gate in Barranquilla for EV + PP and Orjin Bodrum in Turkey, En 2013, the arq. Lucas Tomasone represented Exodos as a speaker, at the UY! CG Encounter at the Antel auditorium in Montevideo, receiving the message of the first and previous edition exhibited by Juan Altieri. Today they continue strong in the trade of Architectural Visualization and undertaking new horizons together with the new technologies of Augmented Reality, Real Time, and 3d printing.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with the latest generation computers. One PC per Student with all the Software required for each course.

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