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Pixologic ZBrush®


Start Date: Please consult
Duration: 12 classes (36 hs)

About Pixologic ZBrush®
It is an innovative software in digital sculpture, marking a before and after in organic modeling techniques, allowing to generate three-dimensional models of highly realistic. It is used in productions for film, advertising and video games that require 3D models with high level of detail on their surfaces.

What do you learn?
  • Pixologic ZBrush interface
  • Introduction to ZBrush
  • Dynamesh
  • Refining adjustment Brushes
  • Geometries in ZBrush
  • Hard Surfaces
  • Basic modeling with ZSpheres

Software to Use
ZBrush, Autodesk and Adobe Photoshop 3ds Max CS6


Adobe Photoshop basic level of 3ds Max and Autodesk

After completing the course and crediting 80% of presenteeism, Image Campus extends a "Certificate of Attendance" in PDF format.

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