Sweet Crasher - Summer Lab Junior 2016

Sweet Crasher - Summer Lab Junior 2016

  • Year: 2016
  • The Game Labs Juniors They are specific workshops for students who are just studying the 1er year of their career. That have as objective the development and publication of complete videogames, using resources of the institute. Throughout 10 meetings the students worked assisted with tutors teachers specialized in each area (Game Design, Programming, Art).
  • Members: Carlos Damian Cappa, Inés Fragueiro, Pablo Francisco Quarta and Sebastián Tusia
  • When civilization as we know it crumbles sweet attack parasites, an adorable purple robot and an arsenal of experimental weapons are our only hope for salvation.
  • + info https://www.imagecampus.edu.ar/summer-lab/sweet-crasher

  • Sweet Crasher


Sweet Crasher


July 26 2016


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