Stop The Invasion: Destroy the tentacles! - Julián Rodrigo Volonterio

  • Year: 2017
  • Published by: Julián Rodrigo Volonterio
  • Headline: Stop The Invasion: Destroy the tentacles!
  • Race Superior Technician in Game Development
  • Matter: Development of Video Games II
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  • In Stop The Invasion: Destroy the tentacles !, you drive a spaceship that must prevent dangerous tentacles that sprout from an intergalactic vortex from escaping the containment zone in which they lie, in order to keep the Earth safe from the extraterrestrial threat. This project was made as the final project for the subject of Videogames Development II of the 2º year of the Higher Degree in Videogames Development, by Julián Rodrigo Volonterio in programming, design and project management. He had the collaboration of Julián Chab for the entire visual section of the game, and with Guido Cichillitti and Felipe Castillo, co-founders of Isotropy Studios, for music and sound effects. The game is open source and created with Unity.
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Julián Rodrigo Volonterio


July 25 2019




Salta 239 C1074AAE
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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