Under Control - Sebastián Avena

  • Year: 2017
  • Published by: Sebastián Avena
  • Headline: Under Controls
  • Race Superior Technician in Game Development
  • Matter: Development of Video Games II
  • + info https://www.imagecampus.edu.ar/carreras-titulo-oficial/tecnico-superior-desarrollo-videojuegos
  • Under control It is a local multiplayer platform game where even 4 players fight with grenades to win. This project was made as the final project for the subject of Videogames Development II of the 2º year of the Higher Degree in Videogames Development, by Sebastián Avena in programming, design and project management. He had the collaboration of Gustavo Santome in art and Lautaro Dichio in music and sfx. The game is open source, created with Unity and with Wwise technology. It also uses the InControl plug-in to manage the input and the fonts were created by Tugcu Design Co.
  • Published in itch.io (still in development): https://lqngames.itch.io/under-control


Sebastián Avena


July 25 2017


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