Concept Art - Cristian Saksida.

Concept Art - Cristian Saksida.

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  • Concept Art - Cristian
    Cristian Saksida
    graphic artist, designer and conceptual architecture student. At 16 years, he made vignettes humor on postcards for Telecom-Arnet. He worked on national and international projects: RPG games Z-Man Games Games and Inner Kingdom New York (series Shadowfist, Bushwhackin 'Varmints); cartoon production Patagonik Film Group collaborating in the animated feature "The Ark" as a distance runner; He did illustrations for national magazines (Next Level, Xtreme PC, Unbreakable) and international (Master Player, Combat Cards, Ed Mina, Mexico.); He published its own serial comic strip "Frank & Fluke" in Unbreakable; collaborated in the study of cartoonist Fernando Sendra as colorful and producer of content on the official site "I Matías"; made artwork for sports tables (MKD Kiteboards), advertising (BrandSpot Ad Agency, Johnson & Johnson, Dialogue Advertising). It is one of the founders of architectural NEUHAUS Studio. She currently teaches in concept art and digital art in Image Campus.
  • Vocational Training Path: Concept Art
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Cristian Saksida


July 27 2019




Jump 239 C1074AAE
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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