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Find out what our graduates and students say during their time at Image.

Tomas Guida - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Thomas Guida

Game Audio Designer

I come from the field of music production. In Game Audio I was able to know the necessary tools to join a development team without problems. The human and educational quality is exceptional and the adaptation to the distance modality was very well addressed. Today this industry is booming and translates into job opportunities.

Jhony Favian Villarraga Martinez - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Jhony Favian Villarraga Martinez

3D Graphics Artist

I always wanted to work in video games as an artist. Today I work as a character artist at NXA Studios and my time at Image was decisive. In addition to gaining experience, I met teachers who teach in a clear and precise way, in addition to the fact that the place has all the necessary tools to learn.

Mayra Alessandra Luna - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Mayra alessandra luna

3D artist

When I decided to live in Argentina, I decided to look for the best institution to help expand my skills as an illustrator. For references I came to Image. In addition to the excellence of the teachers and the healthy competition, coming from another country, I felt super contained. Today I work as a 3D artist in a video game company, something unthinkable 2 years ago.

Cristian Cusumano - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Christian Cusumano

Lead Artist & Art Director
DIGI Learnnials

I started at Image, knowing little or nothing about the industry and 3D art.
I had excellent professionals as teachers and that made me learn about the field.

Magali Carrion - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Magali carrion

VFX Composer

Studying at Image allowed me to enter the world of VFX and learn about tools and techniques that are used today in the job market. I highlight the good vibes and the atmosphere of the institute, that through the practices and advice of the teacher I was able to put together my reel and get my first jobs as a VFX composer.

Juan Saucedo - Image Campus Student Testimonials
John Saucedo

Art Director Jr.
Founders Agency

Studying at Image allowed me to change my life. I made several trips and thanks to that today I am dedicated to working with brands from different countries doing what I like. I recommend that you focus on studying what you are most passionate about, because it is possible.

Esteban Romero - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Stephen Romero

General Producer
Rubicon Content & Entertainmet

In Image I found a modern institution, well equipped and with a high level of work in the course, worthy of any professional production. Teachers, working in industry, have the latest in software applied to the subject. The dynamics of the classes is very good as it covers all areas in depth.

Santiago Pérez Losanovscky - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Santiago Perez Losanovscky

Lead Game Designer
VR Healthcare
Level Designer Freelance

My experience at Image changed my life. It gave a structured and knowable context to apply my criteria to the understanding of game design. It was thanks to my performance and my relationships at Image Campus that I got my first job opportunity; just like I met the colleagues with whom I later did my first indie project. What I am professionally today is thanks to what I started at Image.

Agustin De Salterain - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Augustine of Salterain

Lead Game Designer

Image was a before and after in my career. After studying Game Design I got my first job in the industry and it was the first step towards becoming a lead game designer, the job I always wanted to have. In addition to gaining knowledge, I met amazing people who taught me a lot of things on a human level. Today some of my former classmates are co-workers and other best friends.

Federico Mackinlay, Graduate of Image Campus
Federico Abella Mackinlay

Game developer

I am very grateful to Image because it helped me fulfill my dream of working in video games, meeting influential professionals and a very nice community. I also highlight Image's contribution to the development of the industry and its networking.

Rosina Merola Molinaro student and graduate of Image Campus
Rosina Merola Molinaro

3D Game Artist

In Image I was able to have a general overview of everything and discover what I liked the most. I learned to work in a team, something that an internet course does not give you. Thanks to my time at the institution, I was able to meet a lot of people and contacts that allowed me to enter the industry.

German Baldenuelli, student and graduate of Image Campus
German baldinelli

CG Artist 3D
The Post VFX

By studying 3D Production and Animation at Image I was able to acquire the necessary knowledge and improve myself as a 3D artist. This allowed me to find myself better off when it came to going out to work. Today I work as a CG artist 3D in La Posta VFX and I continue to apply this knowledge in my day to day. I am very grateful to all those who make up the institution for having seriously trained in this profession that I am passionate about.

Ariel Alan Kim, student and graduate of Image Campus
ariel allan kim

Technical Artist

During my stay at Image I was able to count on the comfort of having state-of-the-art equipment available throughout the career, in addition to the accompaniment of the teachers, which is essential to concentrate on learning. Thanks to the knowledge acquired and my performance, I was able to access the internship agreement where I was offered a job as a video game technical artist at NGE.

Luciana Bertot, student and graduate of Image Campus
Luciana Bertot

Concept artist
The Other Guys

Although I studied Cartoons, in Image I had the opportunity to explore other paths and meet people from the animation field for video games. The tools and knowledge that the career gave me allowed me to face this new challenge and today I can dedicate myself to what I like the most. I am currently working as a concept artist at The Other Guys.

Cinthya Perez Daubert, student and graduate of Image Campus
Cinthya Perez Daubert

Animation Assistant and Clean Up Artist

The Image experience was fabulous. I had the best professionals in the industry as teachers and I had an excellent group of colleagues. I learned all the processes involved in making a short or animated series, not only drawing and animating but also writing scripts, directing, storyboards, sound, post-production, motion graphics and 3D animation. I currently work as a freelance animation and cleanup assistant.

Santiago Jacome - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Santiago Jacome Pino

Digital Learning Designer
"Michael Page"

Image gave me all the tools and knowledge necessary to develop myself as an animator. My teachers, with their experience as professionals in the industry, knew how to guide me when graduating in which paths to take. Many of the concepts that I learned throughout my career I follow and will continue to use. Also, I had a lot of fun in my days as a student. I do not regret choosing to study at Image.

Micaela Gabot - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Michael gabot

2D cheerleader
Rudo Company

The course gave me a very solid foundation to start my professional career and guide my future work. In addition, I met excellent classmates and teachers. I am very grateful to the institution and to myself for encouraging me to try new things.

Octavio Elia, student and graduate of Image Campus
Octavio Uriel Elía

Generalist 3D

Image gave me all the necessary tools to be able to develop myself as a 3D artist. It is a different education that prepares you to face any professional challenge. Thanks to this knowledge and my personal effort, I was able to grow and reach a leadership position in a level company.

Gabriel Kraus, student and graduate of Image Campus
gabriel krausz

Environmental Artist

Image gave me the tools, the bases and the contacts that allowed me to enter and grow more in this industry. Currently I develop challenging projects both in my own and in top-level companies and I can do what I like.

Tomás Pereyra, student and graduate of Image Campus
Thomas Pereyra

Functional tester

The course went straight to the practical, without going around. This gave me the necessary tools to receive job offers as soon as I graduated.

Leonardo Fernández, student and graduate of Image Campus
Leonardo Fernandez

Manual QA

I always wanted to be in the video game industry and thanks to the teachers and Image I am in the area today. The courses resemble a work experience, which helps when entering a related position for the first time.

Martín Germñan Schroeder, student and graduate of Image Campus
Martin German Schroeder

QA Tester

I was already working as a QA in gaming but making the journey I learned more, it helped me to deepen issues and improve my security as a professional. It also allowed me to make improvements in the ways I work and be more productive.

Agustin Polleschi, graduate of Image Campus
Agustin Polleschi

Game developer

Thanks to Image I was able to start working on what I'm passionate about even before graduating. I received the initial and necessary knowledge to later continue studying and working. Today I became a part of high-production gaming equipment at one of the leading technology companies in the country. I work at Globant.

Daniel Natarelli, Graduate of Image Campus
Daniel natarelli

UI Software Engineer
Electronics Arts

Since I was a kid I have been passionate about video games and I always wanted to know how they were made. Studying at Image was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The educational and human quality is spectacular. Today I work in a video game company thanks to the people I met at Image.