"The advantage that gave me to study at Image is that it opens the doors to the world of work, recently there was an internship agreement where you can deliver your portfolio, which is exclusively for Image Campus students." (2019)
Luciana Bertot.
Graduated Tec. Sup in Integral Realization 
Winner 1er Award - International Competition
of Creativity Wacom Dare
"The advantage of having studied in Image Campus was the work projection, and to go out and be able to dedicate myself to what I like." (2019)
Ezequiel di Savino
Graduate e-Designer 
Winner Special Mention - Contest 
International Creativity Wacom Dare
"I took the Game Design course at 2015, it is evident that there is a sense of structure in the course where each teacher focuses on their area of ​​expertise with a willingness on their part to share it." When I applied for the Junior Game Designer position In Sixth Vowel, I did not know that one of my professors was reading my CV on the other side, the course really helped me lay the foundations of Game Design, making the transition from study to work feel very natural. preparation of design documents to test and balance systems, and every day is to keep adding and learning. " (2019)
Felipe Nuñez Cassina.
Graduate Game Design.
"It is always nice to take the Image Campus, in the whole career I can say that the institute meets a good level of teaching and that added to the warmth and good vibes that I always had from the teachers made when choosing where always choose them "(2019)
Guillermo Angel Diaz
Graduated Motion Graphics, Design and
Website layout,
Digital Image Design and Programming
Web for designers.
"Image Campus gave me confidence and confidence in myself to create games on my own, as well as all the knowledge needed to grow in the industry. I work as a Lead Game designer at Pixowl creating Mobile games like Peanuts Snoopy Town Tale, Goosebumps Horrortown, Sandbox evolution and Wonderpark Magic Rides, among other projects. " (2018)
Pedro Aira
Graduated Development of Videogames with Unity 3D
and Advanced Unity.
"I studied the career of Integral Cartoon Director from 2007 to 2012. I had to leave at the time because I had obtained a position in Illusion Studios. I worked for the movie "Boogie the Acetitoso". I also participated doing character riggings in Anima Studio. I really liked my career "(2018)
Graduated Tec. Sup in Integral Realization 
"The fact of studying in Image Campus, puts you in contact with people who are already in the industry, from students who are working as well as teachers, all the professors of Image Campus are in the industry. It is not only the knowledge of people who are studying this, but also the job placement.I got a job thanks to Image Campus.It is an institution that acts as a nucleus between companies and students.It is a very high advantage for those who want to develop as professional in this industry. " (2013)
Graduate Tec. Sup. In Development of Videogames 
Co-founder of Dedalord SRL.
"Being able to teach on Image Campus is a very good experience for me. Imagine, coming from the inside, studying a videogame career ... ..and it was very difficult to explain to my family that I wanted to dedicate myself to making videogames ... One thing is that they see it as a hobby, with what I enjoyed as a boy, and another thing is to say: Look, I want to spend the rest of my life making video games! "(2013)
Graduate Professional Filmmaker 3D and
Professional Video Game Programmer
Environmental Artist at NGD Studios
Pablo Toscano. Image Campus graduate and Animation Technical Director, Ubisoft Quebec. (2013)
Ariel Brunetto. Teacher. Founding partner of the company Aquadize Studios. (2013)
Professional 3D Producer and Video Game Professional Programmer. Environmental Artist at NGD Studios. (2013)

Laura Vanmorlegan, is a graphic designer and teacher. Founding partner of Aquadize Studios. (2013)

Juan Manuel Álvarez is a graduate of Videogame Professional Programmer. Founding partner of Aquadize Studios. (2013)

Daniel Brenner - Videogame Development Graduate (2012)

Diego G. Ruiz. Founding partner of Dedalord. Technical Coordinator of the tertiary development of Videogames (2012)

Sergio Baretto, graduated from the tertiary development of Videogames. Technical Coordinator (2012)

Juan Pablo Bettini. Graduate Tec. Sup. In Videogame Development. Co-founder of Dedalord SRL. (2012)

Julian Callens. Graduate Tec. Sup. In Videogame Development. Co-founder of Dedalord SRL. (2012)


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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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