Art, Animation and Video Games
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Drawing and digital illustration

Videogame Creation Workshop

Image Teens: for young people from 13 to 17 years


The first steps to create your own video game.

In this workshop you will learn the fundamental roles required by a development team, learning to use professional tools to design, illustrate, model in 3D and prototype video games.

Do not stay out of this unique experience, hand in hand with the professionals who work in this industry.
  • Introduction to the processes, roles and tools involved in videogame development.
  • Criteria to design a video game.
  • Interactive script
  • Concept Art and Illustration.
  • Modeling 3D with Maya.
  • Sculpted with ZBrush.
  • Video game production
  • Digital prototyping

Software to Use
Twine. Maya Autodesk Pixgraphic Zbrush. Construct


No requirements

Final productions:
Pieces of art, illustrations and prototypes to be used in videogames.

Duration: 10 meetings
Start Date: 4 of February 2019
Submitted or days and times: Monday to Thursday 16: 00 to 19: 00 hs.

(*) The beginning of the Courses is subject to calendar modifications.

Infrastructure and Resources
  • Classrooms equipped with the latest technology.
  • One PC per student, with the software required for that submitted.
  • Projectors and screens to follow the instructions and teachers.
  • Classroom Workshop with an animation board, a computer and a Wacom tablet per student.
  • Materials for illustration and animation, Wacom tablets, scanners and sound.
  • The Virtual Classroom (online platform) will support your daily physical working: you will find study materials uploaded by teachers, evaluations items to raise TPs, qualifications, educational quality surveys.
  • Audience. Cafeteria.
  • Wi-fi throughout the school.

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Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

Companies and / or professionals who collaborated in the design of the curriculum:
Sergio Baretto
Sergio Baretto Graduated from the fourth class of game developers of Image Campus, Sergio has worked in the audiovisual industry in areas of game development and software programming. Work with various programming languages ​​and tools, oriented to multiplatform development. In 2011 rejoined Image Campus as a teacher and since then specializes in training for both students with programming skills who want training in specific tools and platforms, and those who, without prior knowledge, want to enter the world of game programming. At the same time, enables professional groups of important local producers of video games, in content as these companies regularly hire in Image Campus. Sergio is one of the first "Unity Certified Developers" from Argentina, having completed its certification at Unity offices in San Francisco during its launch in GDC2016.
Concept Art - Cristian
Cristian Saksida
graphic artist, designer and conceptual architecture student. At 16 years, he made vignettes humor on postcards for Telecom-Arnet. He worked on national and international projects: RPG games Z-Man Games Games and Inner Kingdom New York (series Shadowfist, Bushwhackin 'Varmints); cartoon production Patagonik Film Group collaborating in the animated feature "The Ark" as a distance runner; He did illustrations for national magazines (Next Level, Xtreme PC, Unbreakable) and international (Master Player, Combat Cards, Ed Mina, Mexico.); He published its own serial comic strip "Frank & Fluke" in Unbreakable; collaborated in the study of cartoonist Fernando Sendra as colorful and producer of content on the official site "I Matías"; made artwork for sports tables (MKD Kiteboards), advertising (BrandSpot Ad Agency, Johnson & Johnson, Dialogue Advertising). It is one of the founders of architectural NEUHAUS Studio. She currently teaches in concept art and digital art in Image Campus.
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