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Board Games Workshop


Fundamental concepts for the theoretical and practical knowledge of the games. This practice will give you a general and playful approach to thinking big picture.

Duration: 4 meetings (of 3 hours c / u))
What do you learn?

The objective of the workshop is to introduce critical thinking about the games, from the playful experience. From the constant exercise, ie play, we theoretically:

  • How are generated games and for what purpose.
  • How they evolved and how they are now Who were intended? What he is and what is played today played? How were their rules, still valid?
  • Different ways of presenting the same game.
  • How I can make a board, how chips. What is required to make things work, how it is achieved?
  • Cataloging games. Is there more than one way to do? Which is the correct?
  • What are the rules? How should a regulation?


No requirements



Games over time
  • Evolution of board games and dynamics, chance and strategy.
  • We introduce the knowledge of the games through history, to see how they evolved and how they are now.
  • We will play some of these to try to understand them in depth.


Elements and Materials
  • Physical parts (boards, sheets) and Internals (dynamic).
  • Playing find a variety of items.
  • Let's analyze and try to interpret why this diversity.


  • Ways have been categorized and / or may be categorized.
  • We tested games of different styles, we categorize them.
  • What would be the best way to group them together?


Rules and regulations
  • Mechanical and description. Development of a vocabulary.
  • Explain a game is a complex task, especially if we do so in writing.
  • How can you understand? How should a regulation? What are the rules?

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Professional in charge
Fabian Martinez Torre
Abián Martinez Torre His current goal is to incorporate the Argentina on the world circuit board games (Use and Design). To which collaborates with the information and training of history and current world of matter. It facilitates the discovery of playful world of adolescents, youth and adults. Argentine, Developer, Designer and Tester Game from 1999. Teaching at different colleges from 2005. Social ludópata since muuuuuucho, toy librarian, Ludólogo, Expert Board Games, Entrepreneur Lúdico. Diffuser and facilitator games. Founder and current Director of recreationally. In addition to 25 years in the Tourism Industry, Marketing, Management, Sales and bla, bla, bla. Lecturer, lecturer and panelist at Conference Board Games. Young Jury Zarate in his playful version of 2012. Notes reference in radio, magazines and television. Commission Directive Cofradia TEG for over six years.
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