Time Flies

Time Flies: Trap Fireflies

Catch magical fireflies in an exciting race against time!

Time FliesGet it on Google Play Available on Windows Phone

Everyone takes for granted that time simply passes, but in reality it is not so simple. Minute by minute, we must feed the Master Clock with the Essence of Time, which we obtain from magical fireflies. Keeping the balance of time and magic was never a pleasant job, but my responsibility is to ensure that the Universe continues its course.

My name is Dr. Beak, and I am the Keeper of the Time Factory. Or was, until the Factory was destroyed. A group of irresponsible activists have released all our magical creatures, and now time is running out. Could you help me keep it from being stopped forever?

  • Catch magical fireflies
  • Quick and exciting gameplay sessions
  • procedurally generated levels
  • Steampunk style detailed art
  • Improve your memory by recognizing and remembering patterns
  • Everyone can play. Perfect for all ages
  • Melissa Balliano Sepúlveda
  • Socorro Cinconegui
  • Elementary proficiency
  • Leonardo Juan Oropeza Leniz
  • Patricio Rey
  • Marcelo Simeoni

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina


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