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Central Heroes

Take on The Queen and her subjects and keep the city safe!

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Central Heroes is a time management game in which you must send four heroes to solve crimes in Gazelle City. Take on The Queen and her subjects and keep the city safe!
At first it will seem a simple job, but soon you will see that keep criminals in place will require a cold calculating mind.


  • Random City: A different city every time you play!
  • Take control of four superheroes! Seek the help of Man Paloma!
  • Defeat the villains and expands the control over the city. Tackle your highest score!
  • staggered difficulty: Avoid it gets out of control!
  • Traditional aesthetics of Comic
  • Heroes and Villains original
  • Solid Art 2D and 3D
  • Original music
Video GamePlay
  • Bethlehem Andrade
  • Nicolas Cadel
  • Ricardo Pablo Corbella
  • Alan Andres Diaz
  • Juan Ignacio Ferreras
  • Xavier Andres Hurtado Harb

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