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One Tower Challenge

Tower Defense game with a single tower available and other novelties.

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Tower Defense game but one tower. Instead of building several towers, the player will use the only one available to move from one place to another by moving a finger.
To add a dash of drama, the towers will not shoot alone but the player must get in and swipe gesturing aim and shoot who pass along the way.
Get rid of all the enemies before they let you out of lives. Conquest and plunders all the castles and try to collect all the stars.


  • Tower Defense game with a single tower
  • medieval style - cartoon
  • Enter the tower in a first person view to shoot your enemies
  • Easy to play: just a gesture to fire all weapons
  • Unique and original combination of Gameplay
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  • Melani Alarcón
  • Pablo Ernesto Dusi
  • Gustavo Adolfo Otero
  • Avian Pinaya Argandoña
  • Santiago Manuel Seijas Bisonni
  • Javier Torres
  • Gabriel Clemente Aldaya

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