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Shnit International Shortfilmfestival Buenos Aires 2017

Shnit International Shortfilmfestival Buenos Aires 2017
Image Campus will be part of the largest short film festival in the world: shnit International Shortfilmfestival, unique with eight simultaneous venues in Bern (Switzerland), Bangkok (Thailand), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cairo (Egypt), Cape Town , Tokyo (Japan), Moscow (Russia) and San José (Costa Rica)

The festival was born 15 years ago and has a global audience that has positioned it as a window to the different cultural realities of the world, from the exhibition of short films of great narrative and aesthetic value.

The event takes place simultaneously in Berne, Bangkok, Thailand, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, South Africa, Tokyo, Moscow and Russia. Delicious). With that the shorts that participate in the International Competition will be presented simultaneously around the world and will be seen by an international audience.

On the other hand, each city has a local section where the short films of their country are exhibited in a National Competition, in our case MADE IN ARGENTINA

The short films

Shnit presents the best of the short film world. Proof of this is how several of the short films that have participated in the festival have even come to get an Oscar award or have been nominated for this. Such was the case last year with the animated Russian short film "We Can not Live Without Cosmos", which was nominated for this award.

The priority of the festival is the search for quality material, in order to maintain its exclusivity and renown. The public that attends the shnit every year is assured that they will see high-level productions, which address different themes and show how in each corner of the world there is a particular artistic vision of which there is much to learn.

In addition to the short film features, the TALENT FOCUS, where there will be talks and workshops of cinema and audiovisual production, as well as the EVENT CIRCUS, celebrations and meetings for the film community and the general public. The shnit is more than just another film festival, it is an unforgettable experience.

The sections

International Competition: A powerful sample of the best short films in the world in competition. It presents a combination of all competing international short films in a diverse and powerful section. In addition, it has prizes that add US $ 20.000 in 4 different categories.

shnit TRIBUTE AWARDS: Prizes awarded by a specialized jury to the best shorts of the festival:
Shorter than 10 minutes. US $ 5,000
Shorter than 20 minutes. US $ 5,000
Shorter than 40 minutes. US $ 5,000
shnit AUDIENCE Award: Prize of the public worldwide with votes of the different venues and cinemas. US $ 5,000

MADE IN ARGENTINA: National Competition

The Shnit Short Film Festival is a magenta festival that celebrates the national short film and brings together more and more directors and public who share a passion for short stories.
The National Competition is a window for the development of national cinema and audiovisual production.
Increasingly short films and stories are shared with the public during shnit and it is expected that in this new edition the festival will grow even more.
Short films can compete in both categories at the same time: International Competition and National Competition MADE IN ARGENTINA.
Participation in the National Competition has no cost and automatically qualifies to be chosen in the International Competition.
For the selection of shorts of the festival, there will be a selection panel formed by a group of professionals in the subject who will make a meticulous process of choosing to present the best of the national short film in shnit.
On the other hand, there will be an official jury of three other respected professionals in their area who will be in charge of delivering the prize to what they consider the best national short. There will also be a mention of the audience for which all festival attendees will vote after each function.
Among the prizes that will be given to the winners will be assets and incentives to promote the development of their next projects.
Award of the jury: Selected from 3 representatives of the local film industry
Prize: Selected by audience votes during projections

Dictated by Image Campus Activities
Workshop: Rotoscopy to animate films

Workshop: Rotoscopy to animate films

Saturday 21 Octubre 2017
Hours: 16: 00 18 to: 00 hs
Place: Image Campus, Salta 239, CABA.
Limited capacity

Advance registration required, book your place: https://www.imagecampus.com.ar/workshop1-shnit/

Talk-Workshop: Assembly and Storytelling

Talk-Workshop: Assembly and Storytelling

Saturday 28 Octubre 2017
Hours: 16: 00 18 to: 00 hs
Place: San Martín Cultural Center, CABA.
Limited capacity

Advance registration required, book your place: https://www.imagecampus.com.ar/workshop2-shnit/


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