Architectural visualization
Real-Time integrated to BIM

BIM, Hyperrealistic Rendering, Immersive and Interactive Technologies with Unreal Engine and Twinmotion

Credits: Underwood Interactive Studio, Pawel Rymsza, Buffett Design, ARK 3D.


100% online


24 classes
of 3hrs


May 16


Monday and Thursday
from 19 a.m. to 22 p.m.



academic requirements

  • Knowledge of reading plans.

Technical requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit version 1909 revision 1350 or higher.
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or higher.
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM.
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 or 12.
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More information

With this course you will enhance your professional skills, learning to combine the use and integration of different technologies to maximize the quality of your architectural projects, achieving immediate results. These skills will allow you to increase your productivity and better organize your ideas/projects through a correct workflow. And most importantly: you will learn to integrate BIM, Hyperrealistic Rendering, Immersive and Interactive Technologies, generating a clean and optimal migration between each of these stages. The 3D architectural model will remain alive from the beginning to the end and each phase will add the value and potential of each discipline.

What do you learn?

In this specialization you will learn all the phases of the design of an architectural project: from the conception of an idea to the virtual immersion inside the work, through a continuous and orderly process, communicating visually and integrating all technologies effectively. 

At each stage, the proposal will be developed on a virtual 3D architectural model and will focus on a specific graphic representation technology:

BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Hyperrealistic Rendering.

Interactive and Immersive Technologies.

What is Real-Time architectural visualization?

It is the different and current way of doing architectural visualization: using agile software, with simplified interfaces, perfect for those who are just starting out in architectural visualization or who specialized in other branches of architecture and want to get into visualization and do not have time to learn more sophisticated and complex software. Real-time visualization allows hyperrealistic results to be achieved in a short period of time, without long rendering times and without the need to learn highly complex software and technical concepts, to focus on the purely architectural and visual part. This way of working gives the professional great satisfaction since he obtains fast, high-quality results and works in a pleasant way.

You will learn the basics of Twinmotion, the architectural visualization software from Epic, the creator of the Unreal Engine. We will use it to assign materials and textures in a super nice and simple interface. Lighting will be defined, both natural and artificial, day or night and many more options. In addition, with this software we can create renders, animations, 360 panoramas and even interactive experiences in the cloud, a simple version of what can be done with interactive and immersive technologies.


Module 1

Introduction to Revit: Architectural Modeling

Module 2

Introduction to Twinmotion: Rendering in Real Time

Module 3

Introduction to Unreal Engine: Interactivity

Module 4

Integrator Final Project*

*The final integrating project includes:
  • Delivery of the BIM model of the architectural project of your choice (to be developed during the course)
  • Delivery of Twinmotion model and a series of renders and animations created with this software.
  • Delivery of executable in Unreal Engine with the work and its interactive tour.

Main tools and software to use

Unreal Engine
Autodesk 3D Max, logo software program icon
Crown render, logo icon for software program
Autodesk Revit icon logo software
Twinmotion Logo
Adobe Photoshop software editing bitmap pixels icon software
iToo Forest, logo software program icon
iToo Rail Clone, logo software program icon

*The course is taught entirely on PC/Windows

What our graduates have to say

Sebastian Iorio, student and graduate of Image Campus
Sebastian Bovina Iorio

The experience was a before and after for me. The teachers follow you every step of the way and give 110% to help you achieve your goals. Thanks to Image I met my partner with whom we are setting up our own studio.

Ignacio Molinari, student and graduate of Image Campus
Ignatius Molinari
Bauhaus Co-Owner

The course was key in helping me to finalize projects for my studio and for third parties. This is possible thanks to the teaching support and the motivation they give to continue learning on your own.

Carola Leiva, student and graduate of Image Campus
Carola leiva

I learned essential tools and knowledge that helped me develop as a professional and apply them today in the studio where I work. The content is solid and the teachers have experience, that is key.

Javier de Nicolás, student and graduate of Image Campus
Xavier de Nicholas

The course gave me key tools to apply directly in practice and get better job opportunities. I also learned ways of working that helped me scale projects, be more decisive and increase my quality as a professional.

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javier sosa
javier sosa


Cristian Saksida
Cristian Saksida


Francisco Vidal
Francisco Vidal


Areas where you can work

BIM modeling

Architectural Visualizer

Architectural Developer in Unreal Engine

Coordinator of Immersive and Interactive Technologies for Architecture

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Infrastructure and Technological Resources

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