Digital and Interactive Architecture

BIM, Hyperrealistic Rendering, Immersive and Interactive Technologies with Unreal Engine and Twinmotion

Credits: Underwood Interactive Studio, Pawel Rymsza, Buffett Design, ARK 3D.


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With this course you will enhance your professional skills, learning to combine the use and integration of different technologies to maximize the quality of your architectural projects. These skills will allow you to increase your productivity and better organize your ideas/projects through a correct workflow. And most importantly: you will learn to integrate BIM, Hyperrealistic Rendering, Immersive and Interactive Technologies, generating a clean and optimal migration between each of these stages. The 3D architectural model will remain alive from the beginning to the end and each phase will add the value and potential of each discipline.

What do you learn?

In this specialization you will learn all the phases of the design of an architectural project: from the conception of an idea to the virtual immersion inside the work, through a continuous and orderly process, communicating visually and integrating all technologies effectively. 

At each stage, the proposal will be developed on a virtual 3D architectural model and will focus on a specific graphic representation technology:

BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Hyperrealistic Rendering.

Interactive and Immersive Technologies.

The training begins through the most modern software, which allows fluidity in the design process, where simple ideas of volumes, occupation and spatial distribution, implantation, verification of dimensions, sunlight and other possibilities can be verified, up to generating documentation. extremely precise and detailed for the draft of a work. The 3D model used in this stage will return us graphic information that is essential for the construction of a project. The software used allows instant resolution of updates, modifications, revisions, design options, interference detection, material calculations, carpentry sheets, area calculations, obtaining all the information from the architectural model to generate 2D sheets of plans, views, cuts, details, etc. on the relevant scale and thus communicate the draft effectively. Within this phase we will also be able to solve our architectural project in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

Hyperrealistic Rendering.
Once the design and documentation stage is over, we will take the generated 3D model to achieve a high-impact image, adding a photographic aspect that plays with emotion and art when representing architecture. In this phase, details that go beyond the architectural work come into play. Models of furniture, ornaments, vegetation, urban objects and many other assets are added that complete and give life to the architectural spatiality from the geometric point of view. We will also use rendering engines that can physically correctly calculate global illumination, the materiality of surfaces, atmospheric situations and add photographic effects to finish shaping and giving life to the architectural setting. As a final result of this stage we will obtain the generation of photorealistic perspectives that exceed what we could have imagined in the previous stage and play a very important role in the commercialization of the work.

Immersive and Interactive Technologies.
Today we have tools that allow us to preview the finished work, walk through it and interact. The experience is no longer merely contemplative, through graphic programming we will be able to play with certain personalized changes in the design of the projected work. We are going to feel like owners of the space: try colors, change furniture, coverings, turn on lights, listen to the environment, and countless situations that we can imagine to achieve a unique experience. We will continue with the migration and optimization of the 3D architectural model and the assets included in the previous phase.

What is BIM?
Building Information Modeling is a collaborative work methodology in real time for the management of construction projects. Through software tools for modeling buildings in three dimensions and in real time, BIM manages to centralize all the information of a project in a single model, allowing the study of its entire life cycle, from design to its subsequent demolition. The BIM methodology centralizes all the project information in a single information model created by all the participating agents.

“78% of manufacturers worldwide believe that BIM is the future of project management and AEC has influenced the industry phenomenally. BIM has been instrumental in helping companies achieve desired efficiencies and reduce the cost of project management over time." BIM United

What is the difference between Immersive Technologies and Interactive Technologies?
The interaction happens when we turn a mere visual model into the possibility of traversing it without a guided path, observing a static image, or orbiting over a 360 image. We decide in real time where to go. Likewise, certain space objects will work in a pre-established way with the possibility of exchanging models, colors, activating and deactivating functions that will give us flexibility when it comes to determining in a personal way, how the final design of the architectural space is resolved. 

We perceive immersion when we feel that we are inside space. This will require the use of virtual reality headsets, which isolate us from existing reality and introduce us into a new world created to anticipate time and fully understand the work.


Module 1

Project management tools

Module 2

Introduction to Revit: Architectural Modeling

Module 3

Introduction to Twinmotion: Rendering in Real Time

Module 4

3Ds Max: Polygonal, organic and scatter modeling

Module 5

3Ds Max: Management Tools: Projects and Libraries

Module 6

Crown: Render Offline

Module 7

Photoshop: Photographic post-production

Module 8

Unreal Engine: Interactivity

Module 9

Integrator Final Project*

*Delivery of Sheets with 2D documentation of the work and BIM model of the architectural project of your choice (to be developed during the course) including: rendering of different spaces/chambers and lighting, complete scene in 3D format with all its files, camera tours of animation and 2D post-production compositions. The executable in Unreal Engine will also be delivered with the work and its interactive tour

Main tools and software to use

Unreal Engine
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Corona Render, logo icono de software programa
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iToo Rail Clone, logo icono de software programa

*The course is taught entirely on PC/Windows

What our graduates have to say

Sebastian Iorio, estudiante y egresado de Image Campus
Sebastian Bovina Iorio

The experience was a before and after for me. The teachers follow you every step of the way and give 110% to help you achieve your goals. Thanks to Image I met my partner with whom we are setting up our own studio.

Ignacio Molinari, estudiante y egresado de Image Campus
Ignatius Molinari
Bauhaus Co-Owner

The course was key in helping me to finalize projects for my studio and for third parties. This is possible thanks to the teaching support and the motivation they give to continue learning on your own.

Carola Leiva, estudiante y egresada de Image Campus
Carola leiva

I learned essential tools and knowledge that helped me develop as a professional and apply them today in the studio where I work. The content is solid and the teachers have experience, that is key.

Javier de Nicolás, estudiante y egresado de Image Campus
Xavier de Nicholas

The course gave me key tools to apply directly in practice and get better job opportunities. I also learned ways of working that helped me scale projects, be more decisive and increase my quality as a professional.

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Areas where you can work

BIM modeling

Architectural Visualizer

Architectural Developer in Unreal Engine

Coordinator of Immersive and Interactive Technologies for Architecture

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