Testing and
Technical QA

Training path
Duration: Classes 16 - 64 hours.
Start date: August 2021
Days: Saturdays
Opening hours: 13: 30 18 to: 00 hours.
tentative completion: December 2021

Testing and Technical QA

Training path
Duration: Classes 16 - 64 hours.
Start date: August 2021
Days: Saturdays
Opening hours: 13: 30 18 to: 00 hours.
tentative completion: December 2021
The Technical QA is the one that elaborates the test cases of the videogames, evaluates the different instances of the processes implemented during the development, measures and documents their tests, prevents failures in the process and recommends improvements that ensure the quality of the final product.

What do you learn ?

Understand the logical structure of video games from the point of view of QA.

Understand the operation of the game development, team and project management circuit.

Practice the creation of test cases and testing plan.

Relate the work of game design with the work of QA: preproduction and initial brainstorming, production and functional documentation, unit test cases and execution.

Generate validation mechanisms in each of the stages of the process.

Understand the requirements of the industry to ensure the quality of a video game in each of its stages.

Understand the requirements of each project to accompany and facilitate the work of the development team.
Understand the logical process of search and deconstruction of bugs and problems in projects.

Document optimization and improvement processes of cordio (creation of scripts and white box).

Understand and perform acceptance tests, system tests and component tests.

Test a videogame from the point of view of the player according to his playing experience (playtesting).

Understand the psychology of the player and the link with UX - UI.

Test a complete video game using Jira or Mantis to report the bugs found.

Basic logic of creation and application of scripts for automation of tests and stress tests.

Concrete practices with real case testing in full development.
Requirements: No requirements
Software to Use
Office package, Trello, Hacknplan, Slack, Jira, Mantis, Testlink, Zephyr-Jira.

TTN - Bring your Notebook!

To study this program you must attend with your notebook / netbook / tablet.

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Graduate Profile

By studying Testing and QA in Image Campus you can play as:

  • QA Analyst (Quality Assurance Analyst)
  • QA tester
  • Testing Analyst
  • Tester QA
YOU WILL RECEIVE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE (approving all evaluation instances) or ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE (crediting the 80% of assistance).

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Image Campus has a EMPLOYMENT CENTER where he publishes periodically JOB SEARCHES requested by the most important companies in this industry and with a system of INTERNSHIP in companies, aimed at the most advanced students of careers.

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Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

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Fernando Puig

Video game enthusiast since he can remember, QA since 2006 and scriptwriter since he received his CIEVYC in 2013. His profession began at Gameloft in the prehistory of mobile, before the appearance of smart phones. He continued his career doing experiences with mobile, consoles and PC at Sabarasa, TinyCo and NGD Studios (today Nimble Giant), Pixowl and Globant. He currently works at Bigfoot Gaming.

Germán H. Beneditto

Psychologist specializing in Videogames, Educational Technology and Technoaddictions. He has given talks, courses and exhibitions on videogames, human resources and leadership. He is the author of publications on positive aspects and addictions in video games, and investigated the identity of the player in online role-playing games.

Pablo Palacios

Pablo is a student of playfulness; having taken courses at MIT and Iversity; Ludologo and Ludotecario. Today he works teaching Image Campus and as General Director of the Coliseo journalism media, dedicated to gaming and subculture in general, interests shared by those who form the body.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with the latest generation computers. One PC per Student with all the Software required for each course.

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