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Give life to your illustrations and photos, animating with Blender and create images with high visual impact

credits:  Germán Nóbile


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18 August


Have a Digital Illustration Tablet and basic handling of Adobe Photoshop

What do you learn?

Splash Art (video reel)

What is Splash Art?

The best of two worlds, the personality of 2D and the realism of 3D, coexist in this course. You will learn to convert a 2D illustration or photograph into powerful animations.

Splash Art LOL

Like the League of Legends loading screens, or animated splash of your favorite games, you will acquire a very complete overview of the software used in the industry and add a skill to strengthen your portfolio, offering a very competitive service and of great visual impact.

How to make Splash Art?

You will learn to make a storyboard to plan the angulation and panning of your camera. After preparing the illustration in Photoshop we will see how to simulate that your 2D drawing looks like a 3D sculpture using Blender (the 3D software with the greatest impact in the industry in recent years), maximizing the possibilities of your animation, but maintaining the versatility and the pictorial style of the two dimensions. 

Also, you will learn how to prepare a set in Unity, add particles, lights and post-production effects that will make your animation have a professional and dazzling finish. The objective of the course is that you can make your demo reel to present in the industry.

Tools and Software to use in Splash Art

Adobe Photoshop software edicion de mapa de bits pixeles icono software
Blender icono de software programa logo 3D
Unity logo de software icono
Tableta digitalizadora
Digitizing tablet

Companies where our graduates work

Leader Games Logo empresas
Rudo Company Logo empresas
Rudo Company
Gizmo TV Logo empresas
Paka Paka Logo empresas

What do our graduates think

Josue Matamoros, estudiante y egresado de Image Campus
Joshua Matamoros
Concept artist

Image made me discover that the world of the video game industry was much more extensive than I thought, where learning and improvement are constant. I learned key aspects that served me in the future professionally and helped me set the goals that I wanted to achieve personally and professionally. The mentors are excellent and accompany you throughout the journey.

Christian Lopez, estudiante y egresado de Image Campus
Crhistian lopez
Concept artist

My experience was very enriching since I was able to work under the mentorship of experienced artists who provided me with design tools and techniques that I still use in my work to this day. After the course I managed to have a much broader panorama and find my professional path as a character designer and animator.

Rocio Lee Gonzales, estudiante y egresada de Image Campus
Rocio Lee Gonzales
Concept artist

I have been dreaming of studying illustration for years and the truth is that Image exceeded my expectations both academically, as well as the kindness of the teachers and coordinators. They really prepare you for the future of work and teach you how important it is to support each other among fellow artists. Beautiful experience!

Marcos Ribatto, Co Owner Error 404, egresado de Image Campus
Mark Ribatto
Co Owner Error 404

Image is doing an outstanding job. All you have to do is know your graduates, with a solid knowledge base adapted to the needs of the Industry. I admire the constant growth they show year after year.


Module 1

Adobe Photoshop

Module 2


Module 3


Why choose Image Campus


65% of the students who choose to study at Image Campus do so on the recommendation of graduates and professionals who work in the sector.

Academic excellence

We design the contents in conjunction with leading companies and prominent professionals so that you learn to creatively solve the challenges present in professional practice.


Image is the ideal space to meet companies, professionals and students from various disciplines that are part of the Animation industry ecosystem.

Labor Projection

Through our employment center and internship agreement, you can connect with companies in the sector that are constantly looking for talent.

Community and Events

We are the official headquarters of many of the main events of national and international videogames. Join the Image community and come create challenging projects.


We have the most powerful and updated technology infrastructure so that your experience in the classroom is of another level. Do you want to know more?
Enter here.


We are the first specialized school in gaming and animation in Argentina and a pioneer in Latin America with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Areas where our graduates work

Videogame or AudioVisual Studios

Graphic and Web Design


Freelance 2D Artist and Author Illustration

Meet your mentors

Germán Nobile, profesor de Image Campus

Germán Nóbile
Germán is a 2d Artist with more than 15 years of experience as a Game and Concept Artist, for Videogame companies (Grupo Clarín, Innergames) and as an Illustrator and Cartoonist for different parts of the world, from Chile to Norway. His credits include illustrating the cover of one of the latest works by acclaimed screenwriter ALAN MOORE (Watchmen, V for Vendetta). He has also worked on the novel
Gráfica CALIGULA with Eisner winner DAVID LAPHAM (Stray Bullets) and rising Screenwriters like Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) and Kieron Gillen (Darth Vader, Iron Man) at the prestigious North American publisher AVATAR PRESS. He illustrated for the card game and role-playing books for Game of thrones, Call of Cthulhu, or Warhammer 40.000. He also served as Art Director for the local TCG game Inferno and participated in the acclaimed game Myths and Legends. He actively participates in different conventions, giving talks and demonstrations, Germán is the creator of the Cartoon Day Logo and one of its original promoters.

Marcelo Orsi Blanco, profesor de Image Campus

Marcelo Orsi White
Freelance illustrator. Among his outstanding works are the cover art for the sagas Maze Runner (2010-2016), John Cleaver (2015-2016) and Insignia (2013-2016), published by V&R Editoras. He also made several conceptual illustrations for the board games ShadowSea and DeepWars, developed by Antimatter Games (2010-2018). He illustrated the Soul Cycle saga by Brian Niemeier, whose second book (Soul Dancer) was the winner of the “Dragon Award 2016”. One of his last jobs was creating and animating the promotional art for the game “There is No Light”, currently in development by Zelart. He studied Graphic Design (UBA, 2005) and Illustration and Graphic Story (Sótano Blanco, 2009) and continued his training in a self-taught way, venturing into areas such as game development and design (Unity), 3D modeling and animation, and 2D animation.

Infraestructura y Recursos Tecnológicos de Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

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