Modeling Course
3D Professional

Training path
Duration: 64 classes - 192hs.
Start date: April 2021.
Days: Monday and Thursday.
Opening hours: 19: 00 22 to: 00 hours.
tentative completion: December 2021.

Professional Modeling Course 3D

Training path
Duration: 64 classes - 192hs.
Start date: April 2021.
Days: Monday and Thursday.
Opening hours: 19: 00 22 to: 00 hours.
tentative completion: December 2021.
Comprehensive production of high definition 3D models, digital sculpture, industrial design, modeling of inanimate characters or objects.
The modeler is an artist who uses various software tools and techniques and to get that character or object that was commissioned by an art director or designer, or product of your own imagination. Modeling is a technique that covers many areas of the virtual world 3D. A modeler must achieve a product with professional, realistic or not realistic detail, knowing how to apply the material with the right texture, how to obtain and / or designed.
By studying Modeling Professional 3D in Image Campus, learn step by step the necessary techniques to achieve high polygonal models level, with its attributes of materials and textures, and / or lighting your scenes photorealistic way. That is, finished the quality required by the film industry, TV, animated shorts, typeset, print 3D, or those created for your personal production products.

What do you learn ?

High Polygon Polygon Modeling (High Poly) with Autodesk Maya.

Introduction to ZBrush® oriented to the sculpture of characters and organic forms.

Fundamentals and study of human anatomy. Artistic concepts.

Digital sculpture of a realistic human character with its accessories using digital sculpture with ZBrush® as software.

Retopology of models of high number of polygons to be used for different purposes (only render, render and animation etc.) in 3D programs (in this Autodesk Maya course)

Obtaining two-dimensional coordinates of the 3D (UVs) models.

Textures creation with different techniques using Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Create, adjust and assign materials in Autodesk Maya.

Use of cameras.

3D scene lighting.

Render techniques with Autodesk Maya and Arnold Render.

Advanced settings of Arnold Render.

Basic introduction to composition by AOVs.

Requirements: No requirements
Software to Use
Autodesk Maya - ZBrush® - Substance Painter - Photoshop.

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Graduate Profile

Studying Modeling Professional 3D at Image Campus, lets you work in media companies film, TV, advertising agencies, industrial design studios and video games, or own projects, performing the following tasks:

  • High poly modeling (high quality and detail) of all kinds of objects.
  • Digital sculpture with ZBrush®.
  • Simple and complex texturing with Substance Painter and Photoshop.
  • Professional lighting of 3D scenes.
  • Rendering of 3D models with Arnold.
YOU WILL RECEIVE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE (approving all evaluation instances) or ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE (crediting the 80% of assistance).

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Image Campus has a EMPLOYMENT CENTER where he publishes periodically JOB SEARCHES requested by the most important companies in this industry and with a system of INTERNSHIP in companies, aimed at the most advanced students of careers.

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Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

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Daniel Brites

Photography Technician Director of photography. He began his career in the area of ​​CG and GFX between 1985 and 1987 (Magic Alley Studios. Toronto) and continued in the '90 working in different producers and TV channels with Lightwave, Alias ​​P. Animator, SoftImage and 3D Studio (from their first versions). In 1995 he builds his own studio where he currently performs multidisciplinary work: documentaries; movie theater; TV; architectural visualization and videogames. It is dedicated to teaching from 1998. He is currently a professor of Polygonal Modeling and Lighting Techniques courses at Image Campus, where he has been teaching since 2003.

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In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with the latest generation computers. One PC per Student with all the Software required for each course.

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