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What is game design?

Game design is the discipline focused on creating playful experiences for different types of audiences. For those who wonder how to be a game designer, the answer is simple: Making video games! Each theoretical and professional school will find its focus in different aspects of design, there will be those who are oriented to specific genres or forms of presentation such as arcades, mobile platforms, PC or consoles.

In the Game Design journey you will be able to create, design and produce video game projects from the perspective of conceptual and creative design, learning the best techniques and tools used in the industry from mentors and references in the sector, who will teach you They will accompany the entire learning process by providing personalized feedback in each class.

You will focus on the production of ideas, creative methods, entertainment theory and the creation of projects from mechanical design, seeking to establish an emotional result in the experience. We will focus on these topics so that you can successfully solve the most recurring problems in the profession. You will learn how to properly organize and face the challenges of exploring and seeking entertainment.

The world needs people who love what they do. If you are passionate about creating worlds and how they work, this is the specialization you have been looking for.

Tools and software to use

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Unreal Engine logo software ATP program
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What our graduates have to say

Agustin De Salterain - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Augustine of Salterain
Lead Game Designer at Midnite

Image was a before and after in my career. After studying Game Design I got my first job in the industry and it was the first step towards becoming a lead game designer, the job I always wanted to have. In addition to gaining knowledge, I met incredible people who taught me a lot of things on a human level. Today some of my former classmates are co-workers and other best friends.

Santiago Pérez Losanovscky - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Santiago Perez Losanovscky
Lead Game Designer at VR Health and Level Designer freelance at Pixowl

My experience at Image changed my life. It gave a structured and knowable context to apply my criteria to the understanding of game Design. It was thanks to my performance and my relationships at Image that I got my first job opportunity; just like I met the colleagues with whom I later did my first indie project. What I am professionally today is thanks to what I started at Image.

Fernanda Arrebillaga
Game Designer Freelance

After studying Image and Sound Design (UBA), I decided to do the Game Design journey. It was a great complement to what I studied and allowed me to see the design from a totally new and enriching perspective. The interesting thing about Image are all the extracurricular activities you meet members of other disciplines.

Companies where our graduates work

Pixoul, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Globant, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Etermax, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Widow games
Dwarf, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Heaven Game Studios, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Lemonchili Games, companies where Image Campus graduates work

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    Student Games

    Student Games - Game Design - Image Campus


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    Student Games - Game Design - Image Campus

    The Truth of La Milenesa

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    Student Games - Game Design - Image Campus

    Sutter Detective

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    Student Games - Game Design - Image Campus

    Wars Without Video! V0.2

    View / Test Game

    Student Games - Game Design - Image Campus

    The island of Light

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    • The role of the game designer
    • Mechanical design and content
    • Experimental games
    • Exploratory prototyping
    • Narrative and creativity
    • Video game analysis
    • Culture and playful practice
    • Documentation and communication
    • Tools and practices
    • The video game industry
    • Business and marketing folding

    Meet your mentors

    Guillermo Averbuj - Teacher Image Campus 2021

    Guillermo Averbuj
    Scrum master and project manager with more than 19 years in small and large international projects, both in video game projects and in software solutions, education and gamification: Mercado Libre, Sabarasa, Ring Heroes, YPF, Pixowl TheSandbox y TheSandboxEvolution and Sixth Vowel, Element: Space among others. Videogame project manager Element: Space with a team of more than 65 people, throughout 30 months of production.
    Games technician, technical specialist in educational and didactic material, designer of board games and video games.
    Co-founder and treasurer of the Argentine video game foundation (FUNDAV), Co-founder of the Argentine video game camera (ADVA), founder of the IndustriaVG labor exchange. Co-creator of the Game Work Jam cycle.
    He is coordinator of the Production and Game Design career at Image Campus.

    Ignacio Rud

    Ignacio Rud
    He is a video game designer working in the industry since 2009. He started as a quality assurance (QA) analyst at QB9, then served as a level and game designer within the same company until his retirement in 2015.
    That year he started working at Barbacube, where he made projects for Cartoon Network and one of his own called The otherside, released on Apple Arcade. Meanwhile together with Nastycloud he created Cloud, released on Steam in 2020.
    I currently have several projects underway, with Tumba Games developing Fulbo Stars, a football arcade. He also advises the TV Sim Game team and has another secret project coming out soon. Teaching is for him a place of research and constant progress, where he wants his students, in addition to taking away knowledge, to take home video games.

    Areas where our graduates work

    Freelance game mechanics designer

    Prototype designer and experimental games

    Video Game Analyst

    Level Designer

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources

    In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.