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Give life to your ideas and make your passion a profession

Credits: Hernán Fernández (character) - Tomás Peralta Laprovitola (background).


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64 classes


15 April


Monday and Thursday
from 19 a.m. to 22 p.m.



academic requirements

  • Experience in 3D modeling is recommended.

Technical requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit or higher.
  • Processor: Intel i5 or higher or AMD 64-bit equivalent.
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX or AMD RX (preferably not onboard).
  • Peripherals: Digitizing tablet.

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Of our students are recommended by graduates and industry professionals.

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Commitment and excellence in Unreal Engine training

Image Campus achieves the prestigious title of Premier Unreal Authorized Training Center

We have been recognized as the first PREMIER authorized Unreal Engine center in LATAM.

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What do you learn?

In the game art course you will be able to create, design and produce art for video games professionally, learning the best techniques and tools used in the industry from mentors and references in the sector, who will accompany you throughout the learning process, providing personalized feedback in each class.

The course focuses on understanding and mastering the entire 3D art production process from scratch, from pre-production to the final result, so that you can successfully solve classic problems of the profession that impact your performance and productivity as an artist. You will learn how to organize and address your ideas correctly, optimize your workflow and get the best quality out of your creations.

Each module of the course is focused on a specific area of ​​the artistic design and creation process. You will acquire solid concepts of conceptual design and organic and inorganic modeling in high poly and low poly for scenarios, props, characters, weapons and vehicles. You are going to learn how to texturize and retopologize your models to make them look detailed and professional in graphics engines like Unity and Unreal. You will also learn to create skeletons that allow you to animate and give life to any element you have created.

Finally, the course will teach you how to create a portfolio so that you can stand out and apply successfully to job opportunities in one of the areas of greatest demand and growth locally and internationally.

Look how our graduates did.

Tools and software to use

Autodesk Maya software icon
ZBrush, software program icon logo
Adobe Photoshop software editing bitmap pixels icon software
Substance Painter, software program icon logo
Substance Designer, logo icon for software program
3D Coat, software program icon logo
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What do our graduates think

Jhony Favian Villarraga Martinez - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Johny Favian Villarraga Martinez NXA

I always wanted to work in video games as an artist. Today I work as a character artist at NXA Studios and my time at Image was decisive. In addition to gaining experience, I met teachers who teach in a clear and precise way, in addition to the fact that the place has all the necessary tools to learn.

Mayra Alessandra Luna - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Mayra alessandra luna

When I decided to live in Argentina, I decided to look for the best institution to help expand my skills as an illustrator. For references I came to Image. In addition to the excellence of the teachers, I felt super contained. Today I work as a 3D artist in a video game company, something unthinkable for me 2 years ago.

Cristian Cusumano - Image Campus Student Testimonials
Christian Cusumano
DIGI Learnnials

I started at Image, knowing little or nothing about the industry and 3D art. I had excellent professionals as teachers and that made me learn about the field. Together with them I went through a beautiful stage, taking with me knowledge and experiences with which I could start working in different Indie and AAA companies. Today thanks to that I work as lead artist and art director in an Argentine company.

Companies where our graduates work

Heaven Game Studios, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Dwarf, companies where Image Campus graduates work
3Dars, companies where graduates of Image Campus work
Lemonchili Games, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Delta3, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Laposta, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Methanoia, companies where Image Campus graduates work
NXA Studios, companies where Image Campus graduates work


  • Seminar: The Video Game Industry
  • Introduction to 3D Modeling
  • Props development
  • Graphics Engines 1
  • Scenario Creation
  • Character Development
  • Rigging
  • Graphics Engines 2
  • Integration Workshop

Why choose Image Campus


65% of the students who choose to study at Image Campus do so on the recommendation of graduates and professionals who work in the sector.

Academic excellence

We design the contents in conjunction with leading companies and prominent professionals so that you learn to creatively solve the challenges present in professional practice.


Image is the ideal space to meet companies, professionals and students from various disciplines that are part of the ecosystem of the video game industry.

Labor Projection

Through our employment center and internships program you can connect with companies in the sector that looking for talent constantly.

Community and Events

We are the official headquarters of many of the main events of national and international videogames. Join the Image community and come create challenging projects


We have the most powerful and up-to-date technological infrastructure, so that your experience in the classroom is on another level. Do you want to know more? 
Enter here.

Our History

We are the first school specialized in video game design, art and animation for video games from Argentina and a pioneer in Latin America, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Meet your mentor

Hernán Fernández, professor at Image Campus

Hernán Fernández
Autodidact. After having studied Computer Science at UNLP, she became interested in the artistic side of computing, dedicating herself full time to the discipline of 3D modeling. Starting with 3D Studio for DOS, he went through a variety of projects and platforms accumulating experience in many different facets of production in both advertising and video games as well as film. In 2006 he joined the Image Campus as a teacher, going through a multitude of specialties such as: 3D modeling, texturing, effects, rigging, 3D animation, simulations, acting, online 3D modeling courses, the 3D animation course, training for companies.

Areas where our graduates work

3D Character Modeling / Sculpture

Texturing with Substance Painter / Designer

Creation of 3D Assets

The Image Campus Extension and Professional Practice Center proposes simultaneous activities to the completion of this Path that complete your training.

Image Campus students have a world-class educational platform Blackboard Ultra to see the recordings of online classes again, deliver TPs, check attendance, course schedules, qualifications, internal communication, forums and consultations, among many other benefits.

For a high quality live streaming experience, they will access the Zoom Premium platform, embedded in Blackboard.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

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