Immersive Audio

Credits: Eugenio Fernández Taboada, Sol Rezza, Fabián Sguiglia.

3D Audio with Dolby Atmos and Ambisonics

Every day more productions include the possibility of creating experiences with Immersive Sound, generating the effect of being immersed in a real world or the possibility of being able to live new experiences.

Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and multimedia applications for mobile devices; Film, video, artistic installations, music and live shows are some of the many contents that are producing experiences with 360º Audio.

On this journey you will learn different tools to develop with technologies such as Ambisonics, Dolby Atmos and Binaural Audio, working the recording, production and playback chain, allowing you to produce immersive experiences tailored to each content.


100% online


20 classes
+ 2 seminars


May 7th


Tuesday and Friday
from 19 a.m. to 22 p.m.



academic requirements

  • Have verifiable audio production experience.

Technical requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit or higher.
  • Processor: Intel (i3 onwards) or AMD (equivalent) 64-bit.
  • Conference proceedings: 4 GB RAM
  • Recorders: Integrated CPU or GPU 1660 onwards.
  • Peripherals: Headphones and/or stereo speaker system or higher.

What do you learn?

General concepts about sound, acoustics and audio-perception

Audio and its application in media

Specific equipment, software and plugins

Ambisonics, its history and tools for its present

Sound capture aimed at Immersive Audio

Post-Production and Pre-Rendered 360 Audio

Music and the use of space in 3D Audio production

Dolby Atmos and content production

Binaural Audio and its focus on playback 

Non-linear and interactive audio

Creation of virtual spaces and acoustic simulations

3D engines and real-time rendering

Audio development in interactive Shows and Installations

Assembly of low-cost interactive devices

Sound reproduction systems aimed at working with Immersive Audio


  • Sound, Art and Technology
  • Immersive Audio and Interactive and Immersive Apps
  • 360º Audio Recording and Postproduction
  • Ambisonics, Dolby Atmos and Binaural Audio
  • Music and 3D Audio
  • Cinema, 360 Video and Immersive Audio
  • Sound relationship, Interactivity and Performance
  • Immersive Shows and Multichannel Systems

Who is it for?

If you are a sound designer, sound artist, musician, producer, or an enthusiast interested in the world of audio.
If you work in audiovisual media or in shows, if you are an artist or content producer and are interested in knowing how to improve the audio of your projects, this journey will give you everything you need to make immersive audio and give added value to your work.

Software to use

Reaper sound software icon logo
IEM Plugin Suite
IEM Plugin Suite
Dear Reality
Noise Maker
Noise Maker
Unity software logo icon
Steam Audio - Software Icon
wwise logo icon software
Oculus audio - Software icon
Google Resonanse Audio - Software Icon
Google Resonance Audio
Sound Particles
Dolby Atmos


Eugenio Taboada
Eugenio Fernández Taboada


sun rezza
sun rezza


Francisco Bisson
Francisco Bisson


Fabian Sguiglia
Fabian Sguiglia


Ramiro N. Alvarez
Ramiro Alvarez


Areas where our graduates work

Virtual Reality and Video Games

Musical production

Sound and Audiovisuals

Interactive Facilities

Shows and Events

Some companies where our graduates work

Gizmo TV Logo companies
Globant, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Warner Bros
Warner Bros
nimble giant entertainment logo
Collider Craftworks


What is Dolby Atmos?

It is a recent technology to be able to spatialize sounds that, unlike sending an audio signal to a specific channel/speaker, allows you to work by defining Sound Objects and assigning them a specific location in space, and as a benefit, it is independent of the system being used. later use in playback. This allows for very good spatial representation and compatibility with numerous platforms and devices, which increasingly include Atmos technology.

What is Ambisonics?

It is a technology that includes both audio recording and playback. It allows us to generate a sound scene with 360° information, meaning that we can achieve a spherical representation and, among other things, rotate it in relation to the user's orientation. Although Ambisonics was developed during the 70s, in recent years and especially with the advancement of immersive technologies, there has been exponential growth in its use and in the number of free access tools that its technology allows.

What is Binaural Audio?

Binaural decoding allows anyone, even using only a conventional headphone, to have a 3D spatial sound representation, also including positions such as up, down and back. This is because, although it is a stereo, 2-channel audio signal, it uses a matrix to filter the sound depending on its three-dimensional location, thus achieving the illusion that it is really coming from that place, despite only having headphones.

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