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Learn Traditional Animation and Cut Out with Digitizing Tablet and Toon Boom Harmony

Credits:  Walter Marcelo Lazzari.

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Professional 2D animation with digital tablet and cut-out techniques

This course is designed for you to learn to animate and give life to your characters and stories, with the latest technologies in the digital format.
Always working freehand and with a focus on practice.
Learn to implement the 12 principles of animation from scratch, fundamental pillars for your work to shine at a higher level.
Boost your level of animation drawing to improve the quality and staging of your animations.
The objective of the course is that you can put together your demo reel with the different works and generate a mini short film to present in the industry.

What do you learn?

  • Development of the twelve principles of professional 2D animation (Developed at Disney); so that, through exercises, we can apply concepts of rhythm, anticipation, action, reaction and inertia to our animated actions.
  • Drawing tools for character-focused animation (volumetric drawing, silhouette, balance and line of action).
  • Three-dimensional drawing in perspective of backgrounds.
  • Animation of actions in characters: walks, runs, jumps, cyclical movements, weight and body expression.
  • Professional 2D camera animation for fast-paced action shots.
  • Gestural performance of characters. Expressing the personality of a character through vocalization, gestures and body movements (pantomime); and facial expressions for the performance.
  • Development of cut-out animation techniques (rigging and animation).
  • Narrative, pre-production, production, post-production and editing of short stories so that each exercise is an interesting piece and to generate your own videos of the animations that you will do on the board and digitally.

Professional 2D animation (video reel)


The production of a professional 2D animation requires a series of chained steps that go from the gestation of the script to the final edition and cut in audiovisual format. But within that long process that includes pre-production, production and post-production, there is a segment that focuses on the concrete realization of animation.

This process consists of three stages:

  1. The first stage consists of making the key frames (keyframes) or animation keys. They are pictures that describe the actions. What are the characters doing and how long they do it. To determine this, the animator uses scales (charts) that measure the time and distance of the movements.
  2. The second stage is the integration of the main means (breakdowns). They are drawings that complement the tips and better describe how these actions are carried out.
  3. The third stage is that of interleaving (inbetweeners); where the drawings that are between the tips and the main means are completed; and that complete the drawings required by the movement set by the animator and which are reflected in the animation scales.

These three stages can be carried out by a single person (the animator) or by a team (animator, assistant and interposer) depending on the production.


Module 1

12 Principles of Animation.

Module 2

Drawing for animation.

Module 3

Drawing of backgrounds in perspective.

Module 4

Body mechanics.

Module 5

Performance of Characters.

Module 6

Animated camera.

Module 7

Cut out and integral short production.

Tools and software to use*

Toon Boom, logo icono de software programa
Adobe After Effects, software edicion y animacion videos logo icono
Tableta digitalizadora

* The course is taught entirely on PC/Windows

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Walter Lazzari, profesor de Image Campus
Walter Lazzari (Coordinator)

Professor of principles of animation, body mechanics, character acting, short film production.

Ramón Bunge, profesor de Image Campus
Ramon Bunge

Professor of background creation in perspective (vanishing points).

Maricel Piazza
Maricel Piazza

Animated camera movement teacher for action shots.

Angel Tremoza
Angel Tremoza

Professor of character design for animation.

What our graduates have to say

Micaela Gabot - Estudiante de Image Campus Testimonios
Micaela Gabot

The course gave me a very solid foundation to start my professional career and guide my future work. In addition, I met excellent classmates and teachers. I am very grateful to the institution and to myself for encouraging me to try new things.

Paula Vicioso
Paula Vicious

I really liked the course. Before I did animations as I could, and in Image I learned to organize myself better, plan my ideas, save time and avoid mistakes. At the work level, it gave me the opportunity to receive job offers, as a Storyboardist.

Rafael Angel Lee
Rafael Angel Lee

The course gave me solid knowledge that empowered me as an animator, designer and motion grapher. I learned a new visual language and to know how to represent an idea. The teachers are amazing and know how to bring out the best in each one.

Agustina Sotelo
Augustine Sotelo

I did this course when I was 16 years old and the experience was truly wonderful. I learned many things that made me decide to study animation as a career, and also to realize what I want for my life. Today I am studying technical skills, also at Image.

Some companies where our graduates work

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Rudo Company
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Paka Paka Logo empresas

Areas where our graduates work

Junior Animator in a Cartoon Studio

Professional 2D Animation Wizard


Animator of spots and advertising campaigns

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Infrastructure and Technological Resources

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