Digital Animation 2D Cut Out

Learn digital animation and bring your characters to life


100% Online


18 classes
72 hs


2021 August


10 p.m. to 14 p.m.


December 2021


To take this course, it is necessary to present a demoreel or audiovisual portfolio that contains practices of the 12 principles of animation, characters in action and character performance.

You will learn the principles governing animation techniques in general, board practices and digital media.
You will understand the movement and be able to animate your characters from drawings. You will do practical exercises on board entertainment, with pen and paper in a first stage and then digitally (always freehand) with a Wacom tablet and a PC per student.

What do you learn?

  • Methodology and specific concepts of digital animation to understand the possibilities offered by each software based on performance and movement.
  • Digital adaptation of character design for cut out technique.
  • Skill in the use of each software through practices and exercises that you will do in class with the teacher.
  • Digital adaptation of character design for cut out technique.

Main software to use

Adobe Photoshop software icon
Adobe Illustrator sowtware icon vectors
Adobe animate, flash software icon
Adobe After Effects, video editing and animation software

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    Graduate Profile

    Studying 2D digital animation (cut-out) you will be able to perform as:

    • Junior digital animator animate CC.
    • Junior digital animator in After Effects.
    • Storyboard and animatic artist.
    • Character designer for digital cut out animation.

    YOU WILL RECEIVE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE (approving all evaluation instances) or ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE (crediting the 80% of assistance).

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    Area Educational Campus Image Management
    Our study plans, developed in collaboration with leading companies and professionals from the main creative industries, are the most recognized in the areas of design, 2D and 3D animation, video games, programming and applied development.

    Professionals who collaborated in the design of the study plan

    Jorge Cuellar Rendón, Professional artist with a passion for art direction, illustration, animation and character design and professor at Image Campus

    Jorge Cuellar Rendón
    Professional artist passionate about art direction, illustration, animation and character design for cartoon projects, motion graphics, advertising and video games for different media and brands such as: Mtv, Plaza Sesamo, Visa, Disney Channel, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, Cocacola, Paka Paka, Filmax, TDA, Telefe, Microsoft, Tenaris, Personal Kids, Kidloom among others. Bachelor of Design and Communication Business (UP), senior technician in comprehensive cartoon theatricalization and graduated from the motion graphics career path at Image Campus. He is currently technical coordinator of the Higher Technique in Cartoons, of the traditional and 2D digital tnimation techniques path and of the digital graphics, illustration and 2D animation area at Image Campus.

    Walter Lazzari, Professional Traditional 2D Character Animator and Cut-Out, Professor at Image Campus

    Walter Lazzari
    Professional animator of traditional 2D characters and cut-out. He worked for different prestigious studios such as: Hook Up, Indiecito SA, Fort Music, Illusion Studios, Bujos, among others. He worked as an animator of characters for advertising, cinema and television series, forming part of the animation area in films such as Martín Fierro, an animated adventure, An egg movie, Boogie, the oily one; series like Omi's ship, Doodlebops y Bondiband for Disney XD and Disney Junior channels. He directed a winning series of a contest for INCAA called Martin and Terry. He made Storyboards for the winning series of a contest for INCAA called Girls stories. He currently works as a freelance animator, teacher and coordinator of the Higher Technique in Integral Production of Cartoons and animation, design and illustration techniques at Image Campus.

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources

    In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

    What do our graduates think

    Gastón Carballal, graduate of Image Campus
    Gastón Carballal

    I always wanted to work on the motion graphics part and I came to study Image Campus. Always excellence above all, human quality, it is a highly recommended place to come to study.

    Luciana Bertot, graduate of image campus
    Luciana Bertot

    The advantage of studying in Image is that it opens the doors to the world of work. Recently there was an internship agreement where you can deliver your portfolio, which is exclusively for Image Campus students.

    Pedro Aira, graduate of image campus
    Pedro Aira

    Image Campus gave me security and confidence in myself to create video games on my own. Also all the necessary knowledge to grow in the industry. Today I work as Lead Game designer at Pixowl creating Mobile games like Peanuts Snoopy Town Tale, Goosebumps horrortown, Sandbox evolution y Wonderpark Magic Rides among other projects.

    Alexis Fioretti, professor at image campus
    Alexis Fioretti

    Being able to teach at Image Campus is a very good experience for me. Imagine, coming from the interior, studying a career in videogames ... It was already very difficult to explain to my family that I wanted to dedicate myself to making videogames ... It is one thing that they see it as a hobby, with what I had fun as a child and another thing is to tell them Look, I want to spend the rest of my life making video games!