Introduction to Programming
for Videogames

Learn to program your own video games

Images of student games. Credits:   Alan Díaz, Esteban Campos Millapel, Mariano Di Cicco, David Dascanio, Mariano Figueroa, Victoria Rodriguez, Iván Cukier, Gustavo Ariel Rey, Alexander Aracena, Andreina De Sola, Mauricio Martin Gobbi, Vylius Leonavicius, Leandro Sena, Maximiliano Ruffo.


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Why study Introduction to Video Game Programming?

You want to take your first steps in programming

You are interested in programming but you don't know where or how to start.

You want to program your own video games

Learn the tools and languages ​​necessary to carry out your own ideas.

You want to work in the industry

Find a solid, fast and flexible solution to take your first steps as a developer.

You want to change or learn a new role

Add programming to your knowledge and take your talent to another level.

You know how to program and you want to focus on gaming

I learned about the specificity of programming for video games.

What do you learn?

What do you learn? Banner of Introduction to videogame programming image campus
  • Understanding the structure of the game from the point of view of programming.
  • Know the fundamentals of imperative, structured and procedural programming.
  • Understand the philosophy of object-oriented video game programming.
  • Design and program complete and publishable simple games creating all its parts with various tools.
  • A solid base of knowledge to later be able to deepen in advanced programming, and in engines and tools such as Unity y Unreal Engine.

Main software and programming languages ​​to use

visual studio icon logo software
C ++ icon logo software
C # icon logo software

Some companies where our graduates work

Ubisoft, companies where Image Campus graduates work
NXA Studios, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Globant, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Etermax, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Dedalord, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Jamcity, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Pixoul, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Games Station Studio, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Error 404 Game Studios, companies where graduates of Image Campus work

What our graduates have to say

Lucas Bica, Entrepreneur
Lucas Bica

In just 6 months I was able to work for clients in Uruguay and Mexico as a freelancer! In Image they go straight to the important topics, without filling classes and the teachers support you so that you fulfill your dream and work on what you are passionate about.

Gabriel Fernández, Lead programmer Digilearnnials
Gabriel Fernández

I was a police officer but I was always interested in video game development. Thanks to the trajectories of Image I was able to change my profession and do what I like. Networking and connections allowed me to get into the industry and spend full time programming.

Marcos Ribatto, Co Owner - Error 404
Marcos Ribatto
Co Owner - Error 404

Image is doing an outstanding job. Its graduates leave with a solid knowledge base adapted to the needs of the industry. I admire the constant growth they show year after year.

David Dascanio, Entrepreneur
David Dascanio

I never thought that something like this could be studied in Argentina. I started with LEI and from there I couldn't stop studying. This knowledge helped me compete and win prizes at EVA 2017 with The Beyond and in EVA 2018 with Green brush.

Why choose Image Campus

Labor Projection

Through our employment center and internships program you can connect with companies in the sector that looking for talent constantly.

Academic excellence

We design the contents in conjunction with leading companies and prominent professionals so that you learn to creatively solve the challenges present in professional practice.


Image is the ideal space to meet companies, professionals and students from various disciplines that are part of the ecosystem of the video game industry.

Community and Events

We are the official headquarters of many of the main events of national and international videogames. Join the Image community and come create challenging projects.


We have the most powerful and updated technology infrastructure, so that your experience in the virtual classroom is of another level. Do you want to know more? Enter here.


We are the first specialized school in gaming and animation in Argentina and a pioneer in Latin America with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

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    Junior Video Game Programmer

    Undertake own projects

    Junior software developer


    Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources

    In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.