Game Development with Unity 3D

Learn video game development and programming with Unity 3D

credits: Gonzalo Ocampo, Mauricio Martin Gobbi, Mauro Guillermo Torres Velasquez, Maximiliano Viñas Craba.




12 August


32 classes


Monday and Thursday
19 p.m. to 22 p.m.


Medium knowledge of object-oriented programming (at least 1 or 2 years of experience with a programming language such as C #, C ++, Java, Javascript, Actionscript or Python).

What do you learn?

Development of 2D and 3D videogames for PC, web, smartphones, tablets and much more.
3D Unity is one of the most widely used graphics engines for game development for its intuitive interface, functionality, speed and gratuity. Its environment and its many integrated tools allow develop complete games and post them in almost all existing platforms.

  • Create your own original video games for different platforms such as PC, web, smartphones and tablets.
  • 2D develop video games and 3D the specificities of each and the particular Unity provides tools to work them understanding.
  • Programming interacting with the engine and tools Unity.
  • Use the main subsystems land Unity to edit, manipulate textures and models to simulate real physics, acclimate with audio and visual effects, create user interfaces, artificial intelligence and more.
  • Use and modify assets through advanced programming.
  • Optimize and publish games for multiple platforms such as Windows, web, Android and prepare to create games for consoles and other platforms.


Introduction to Unity

Engine, Industry, Production Pipeline, Unity Hub, Project Creation, Editor Intro, Gameobjects, Positioning, Rendering, C # Core Concepts, Scripting, Object Creation, Input, Collisions, Physical, Raycast, Time, Camera Rendering, UI , Scenes Management, Audio, Serialization and persistence, Events, Version Control, Utilities

2D video game

2D Rendering, 2D Physics, Animator, Animation

3D video game

3D Rendering, Navigation, Utilities, Android Compilation, Input, Final Production

Main tools and software to use in Game Development with Unity 3d

Unity software logo icon
Visual studio for game development

Areas where our graduates work

of Videogames




of software


What our graduates have to say

Pedro Aira, student and graduate of Image Campus
Pedro Aira
Lead Game Designer

Image gave me confidence and self-confidence to create video games on my own. Also all the necessary knowledge to grow in the industry. Today I work creating mobile games like Peanuts Snoopy Town Tale, Goosebumps Horrortown, Sandbox Evolution and Wonderpark Magic Rides, among other projects.

Agustin Polleschi, graduate of Image Campus
Agustin Polleschi

Thanks to Image I was able to start working on what I'm passionate about even before graduating. I received the initial and necessary knowledge to later continue studying and working. Today I am part of large production teams in one of the main technology companies in the country.

Federico Mackinlay, Graduate of Image Campus
Frederick Mackinlay
Dedalord Games

I am very grateful to Image because it helped me fulfill my dream of working in video games and meeting influential professionals and a very nice community. I also highlight the contribution of the institution to the development of the industry and its networking.

Morena Montero - Graduated from Image Campus
Morena Montero
Game Developer

At Image, they not only offer the materials and teachings to be a video game developer, but also provide the opportunity to meet people in the industry through events such as ADVA, Núcleo and Videogame Jams that are held in the institute.

Some companies where our graduates work

Ubisoft, companies where Image Campus graduates work
NXA Studios, companies where Image Campus graduates work
nimble giant entertainment logo
Globant, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Etermax, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Dedalord, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Jamcity, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Pixoul, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Games Station Studio, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Error 404 Game Studios, companies where graduates of Image Campus work
Join the Image community

Networking and teamwork will allow you to meet professionals and students from various disciplines that are part of the ecosystem of the video game industry. Image is the ideal space to generate opportunities and relationships that enhance your professional future.

Companies are looking for you

mage Campus is connected to a robust network of
companies that seek and value the academic quality of our students and graduates. Be part of the Image community and apply to your next challenge.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

Professionals who collaborate in the design of the study plan

Diego G Ruiz, professor at Image Campus
Diego G. Ruiz

Professor, Information Systems Engineer (UTN) and one of the owners of Dedalord Games (Psychoban, Falling Fred, Running Fred). He has extensive experience in the video game industry. Previously, he was lead programmer at Three Melons, worked at the Argentine studio Games and Web and at the Buenos Aires subsidiary of Gameloft, the leading French company in mobile games. He joined Image Campus in 2003 and since then has been designing and updating the study plan for the Higher Technique in Videogame Development, of which he is technical coordinator. He is the author of the book C ++ Object Oriented Programming and C # The total programmer's guide from MP Ediciones. He has contributed to .code and Power Users magazines with articles on video game programming.

Lucas Malvaso
Lucas Malvaso

Professor, graduate of the Image Campus Videogame Development Technician and founder of Pathfinders Studio. In 2017, he joined as a teacher in technical courses as well as other professional training courses, such as Introduction to Video Game Programming or Augmented Reality. He works with Unity on a daily basis and also trains his team regularly in Pathfinders by specializing in development with this tool.

Sergio Baretto, Professor at Image Campus
Sergio Baretto

Professor and graduate of the fourth class of video game developers at Image Campus. Sergio has worked in the audiovisual industry in areas of video game development and software programming. He works with various programming languages ​​and tools, focusing on multiplatform development. In 2011 he rejoined Image Campus as a teacher and since then he has specialized in training both students with programming knowledge, who want to be trained in specific tools and platforms, and those who, without prior knowledge, want to enter the world of programming of videogames. At the same time, it trains groups of professionals from important local video game production companies in content as these companies regularly hire at Image Campus. Sergio is one of the first Unity Certified Developers in Argentina, having completed his certification at the Unity offices in San Francisco during its launch at GDC2016.