Videogame Production

Learn to plan, manage and manage a video game development team


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32 classes
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23 August


Tuesday and Friday
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academic requirements

  • Verifiable experience in the production discipline for the audiovisual and/or software sector, and/or any of the disciplines that make up video game development.
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Why study video game production?

If you already have experience creating video games in any of the roles and functions that make up development, or you worked in audiovisual and/or software production and want to explore new disciplines, video game production may be the next step in your professionalization.

The activities that make up the function and role of video game production are: task management, executive production, product production and/or general production. It is essential to know the scope and limitation of all the disciplines of the video game development to be able to organize, manage and implement the entire video game production plan during the stages of its complex composition.

What is Video Game Production?

From the creation of a work team to the negotiation of contracts and, above all, the management of the development of a video game, they define Production as one of the disciplines that works the most synergistically linked with all those involved in the development, distribution and video game marketing: 

Production vs Game Design?

One of the nodal objectives of Game Design is to achieve the design of the experience: to be able to achieve it in a timely manner, the main ally is Production. These two disciplines are key in the development of video games.

What do you learn?

Know, internalize and manage the different roles of production.

Design, allocate and manage development plans and budgets.

Document and manage development.

Address, plan and manage the executive production of a video game.


Module 1 – Induction of production

News of the video game sector in Argentina and the world, the role and function of production in the development, publication and distribution of video games. Analysis of design documentation. Search and management of talents for the assembly of development teams.

Integrative exercise:

Case study, process monitoring and design of solutions, foundation of production strategies. Role-playing on analysis of design documentation, search and talent management for the assembly of effective development teams.

Module 2 – Production planning

Types of production plans and adaptation to specific cases in relation to the scope of the project and productive capacity. Management and adaptation of budget presentation forms.

Integrative exercise:

Preparation of production plans and budgets (on a pre-assigned framework) based on specific cases with various requirements, deadlines and types of games. Role activity on development of production plan and budget based on the demand of an example client.

Module 3 – Production management

Documentation and communication. Development management. Weighting and management of flows and requirements of technological structures. Agile methodologies, management and planning tools. The role of project management. Management, evaluation and selection of task management software.

Integrative exercise:

Propose task management, documentation and workflow diagram. Based on the production plan, budgets and formation of the development team, a role-playing activity of assigning tasks to professionals and managing unforeseeable situations is proposed.

Module 4 – Executive production

Publication and distribution management. The use of public relations in these processes. Analysis and negotiation of contracts. Pitching, monitoring and evaluation of presentations in each instance of the project.

Integrative exercise:

Based on the demand of an example client, a role-playing activity is proposed on the pitch presentation of the project and the contractual negotiation of financing, publication and distribution.

Main tools and software to use

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Image Campus students have a world-class educational platform Blackboard Ultra to see the recordings of online classes again, deliver TPs, check attendance, course schedules, qualifications, internal communication, forums and consultations, among many other benefits.

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Alejandro Iparraguirre



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Ariel Vimo


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Areas where you can work

Independent Video Game Production

Project Manager

Executive production

Product Owner

General production

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Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

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