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Introducing Godot Engine 3.1 by Juan Linietsky


Godot Engine

► For students of Image Campus, 8 awards CEPPIC points

Day:Tuesday 03 of July of 2018
Schedule:from 19: 00 to 20: 30 hs.
Location: Image Campus Auditorium



It will show an overview of Godot in general and also the new features that come in the 3.1 version (improved and friendlier script, new animation system and several other things).

Juan Linietsky dedicated himself for more than two decades to undertaking and consulting in videogame development. He worked with the largest companies in the country (Sabarasa, QB9, Clarín) and several internationally (Sony, Square Enix). He was founder of NGD Studios and Okam. He is also the author of Godot Engine, the most used and open source video game development engine that is growing at a huge pace.

Especially recommended for students of:
- Short Race of Multimedia Production.
- Superior Technician in Videogame Development.
- Superior Technique in Art and Animation for Videogames.
- Superior Technician in Production and Animation 3D.
- Programming and Envoriment Paths for Videogames.

► For Image Campus students validate up to 8 CEPPIC points

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