Tuesday, July 25 2017 22: 01

Image Campus presents POWER UP at ND Theater

Power Up

Image Campus presents POWER UP at ND Theater

Day: 21, 28 and 29 for July and 19 for August for 2017
Schedule: 20: 00 hs.
Location: Image Campus

For the first time in Buenos Aires, the music of Dragon Ball will bring life to the ND Theater during the winter holidays!

With 30 musicians on stage and an audiovisual show that spans all the sagas, movies and video games of Dragon Ball, Power Up undertakes the ascent of the Karin tower to bring from Kamisama temple an unforgettable concert.

With more than 5 years of trajectory and imposing itself like the band number 1 of the genre, Power Up honors to the most beloved soundtracks of the videojuegos, cartoons, films and series.

We hope to see you all!

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