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Find out about the different agreements we make with the most prestigious companies and sign up to take your first steps in the industry.

The proposal focuses on not only complying with all the requirements prescribed by the regulations regarding salary, contributions, hourly load and benefits, but also that both the company and the institution are committed to the continuity and completion of intern studies .

Some previous experiences found that when getting a job through an internship agreement, many students were tempted to work full hours, with which in most cases they ended up dropping out of their studies and rarely completing their training.

For this reason, in our agreements, the Companies commit themselves, in addition to the benefits indicated by the Law, to pay 50% of the cost of the studies of the hired interns and to motivate them and help them complete their training.

Companies: subscribe to our internship model

It is your opportunity to optimize the quality of your company's resources through the early detection of new talents, and to receive exclusive benefits for in-company training and for your employees in courses and paths taught on Image Campus.
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