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Design and Video Production
Best Game Design Training Latin America.


Do not settle for general proposals, Image Campus you will learn Game Design with a team of teachers specialized in each of the content.

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The game designer is the one who creates and develops conceptually from a video game content (characters, script, motivations, challenges) and mechanical (gameplay). Prepares documents to be used as guides production. It acts as a facilitator in the interaction of team roles. Leads the overall process of a video game from start to finish (pre-production and production), both artistic and technical, and operational (human resources management, finance, marketing).

In 2002 Image Campus, as the undisputed pioneer, he introduced Game Design in training professionals for the video game industry in Latin America.

What do you learn?
    What do you learn
  • Incorporate theoretical foundations of game design: culture and nature of the game; playing as pre-cultural attributes.
  • Games from conceptual design and aesthetic appearance, applying knowledge of human behavior and playful culture.
  • Understand the conceptual game design from content (characters, script, motivations, challenges) and mechanical (gameplay, patterns), how to make them attractive and interesting for the players.
  • Depth knowledge of mechanical, dynamic and aesthetic of gameplay (gameplay). Different genres of video games and how they work (RPGs, FPS, adventure, Hardcore Games. Casual Games. Social Games. Serious Games. Advergames. Edutainment, etc.) as well as the "theory of fun."
  • Monetizing video games: its elements and mechanisms.
  • Learning to write documents to be used as guides production projects and to track them
  • Develop both design documents (high concepts, bible GDD) as scripts for video games (creative writing).
  • Acquire work methodologies from a pragmatic and technically. Establish the technical basis for creative work everyday.
  • Understand the role of game designer within the team and production.
  • Incorporate legal and operational aspects of future business venture. Tools marketing.
Software to Use
Microsoft Excel.


without Requirements

Graduate Profile
Graduate Profile

Studying Game Design at Image Campus, lets you work in deferent areas, performing the following tasks:

  • Game Designer for game projects.
  • Video Game Writer.
  • Creative Director.
  • Consultant in development studies and advertising agencies.
  • Game designer and video games.
  • Journalistic criticism of video games.
You will receive a Certificate of Approval (approving all instances of evaluation) or Attendance Certificate (certifying the 80% attendance).

Employment Center

Image Campus has a EMPLOYMENT CENTER where he publishes periodically JOB SEARCHES requested by the most important companies in this industry. We also have a system INTERNSHIP in companies targeting the most advanced students of the race.

Duration: Classes 64 - 192 hours.
Start Date: 2020 April
Cursada: Tuesday and Friday of 19: 00 to 22: 00 hs
tentative completion: December 2020

TTN - Bring your Notebook!

To study this program you must attend with your notebook / netbook / tablet.

Continuing Education

If you want to specialize in video game prototyping, we recommend the route: INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING FOR GAMES
If you are interested in further illustration of your design document, we suggest you follow CONCEPT ART
If you love art 3D video game, continue your training GAME ART

Infrastructure and Resources
  • Classrooms equipped with the latest technology.
  • One PC per student, with the software required for that submitted.
  • Projectors and screens to follow the instructions and teachers.
  • Classroom Workshop with an animation board, a computer and a Wacom tablet per student.
  • Materials for illustration and animation, Wacom tablets, scanners and sound.
  • New Technological Resources available to our students and teachers: Virtual Reality Experiences, with the new Oculus Cristal Cove, HTC Vive, Leap Motion, Eye Tracker (Virtual Reality experiences); Ultimaker 2 + and Makerbot in their Replicator model, which will be available to all students of Image Campus to materialize the 3D prototypes they develop; Motion Capture (new Motion Capture system) and Video Game Consoles (PlayStation 4 among others).
  • The Virtual Classroom (online platform) will support your daily physical working: you will find study materials uploaded by teachers, evaluations items to raise TPs, qualifications, educational quality surveys.
  • Audience. Cafeteria.
  • Wi-fi throughout the school.
Design Content

Education Management

Area Educational Campus Image Management

Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

Companies and / or professionals who helped design the curriculum
Guillermo Averbuj
Guillermo Averbuj
He has worked as a game designer, consultant for products and companies such as SixthVowel, PixOwl (France), Das Spiel (Germany), Visionary / Interaxial (Mexico), RashiGames (Israel), Codenix, Eudaimonia, Sabarasa. Creator of IndustriaVG, the first job site specialized in videogames in Latin America, totally free. Founder and mentor of the fortnightly meetings of cooperative work of videogame development called Game Work Jam.

Ariel Vimo Albini
Ariel Vimo Albini He began his career as a service provider IT support, but emigrated to the world of video game development. Since the last 9 years, it has been his work and hobby: designing and developing games with passion and dedication.
He began to share their experiences and knowledge through teaching at Image Campus; and also informally at events, meetings, among others.
His specialties are: Game Design. Level design. Content Management. Management and Leadership
Fabian Martinez Torre
Abián Martinez Torre His current goal is to incorporate the Argentina on the world circuit board games (Use and Design). To which collaborates with the information and training of history and current world of matter. It facilitates the discovery of playful world of adolescents, youth and adults. Argentine, Developer, Designer and Tester Game from 1999. Teaching at different colleges from 2005. Social ludópata since muuuuuucho, toy librarian, Ludólogo, Expert Board Games, Entrepreneur Lúdico. Diffuser and facilitator games. Founder and current Director of recreationally. In addition to 25 years in the Tourism Industry, Marketing, Management, Sales and bla, bla, bla. Lecturer, lecturer and panelist at Conference Board Games. Young Jury Zarate in his playful version of 2012. Notes reference in radio, magazines and television. Commission Directive Cofradia TEG for over six years.
Adrian Novell
Adrian Novell
Degree in Multimedia Technology, Video Game Designer and Producer from the 2012.
With experience in companies like Gameloft and PixOwl well as own businesses as "SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel".
With a strong interest in playfulness in general and video games as a medium of instruction.

Alejandra Bruno
Alejandra Bruno
Teacher of narrative and screenplay for Supreme Tecnicaturas in Game Development, Production Design and Animation 3D Integral Film and Performing Cartoons of Image Campus. It is writer, game designer and developer of digital content. He works from the 2008 in QB9 Entertainment (CMD), which is currently designing the children's MMO World Gaturro. He has participated as a writer and designer in various types of games for publishers such as Big Fish and Lego, and designed more than 15 educational minigames for a draft CMD - Unicef.
Facundo Mounes
founder of Loaded Magazine in 2004 Co. With ten years of journalistic experience in video games, he went through such means as XtremePC, Next Level, 3DGames, Datafull, what is? and, and authored several books on the subject. Since 2010 overturned all their previous games development at Sony Argentina providing training, developing games for MDP SA, MetroGames, and independently, and teaching classes on game design experience in various institutions. It also collaborates with Gamester and conducts lectures and workshops throughout the country. He currently works as Lead Game Designer at Social Gaming Network (SGN), where he was in charge of games like Fluff Friends Rescue, Bingo Blingo and Panda Jam.
Pablo Palacios
Paul is a student of playful, having taken courses at MIT and iversity; Ludologo and toy librarian.
Nowadays he works teaching on Image Campus and as General Director of the Coliseo newspaper,
dedicated to gaming and subculture in general, interests that share who make up the body of it.

Pedro Federico Hegoburu
Pedro Federico Hegoburu Big fan of games in general, whether of cards, board, role-playing or video games. last century began in playful life, testing video games Apple II + (Ultima IV) and playing card games (Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth) and thumbnail (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) when he was not roleando Runequest or calling Cthulhu. He also devoted much chess and International Master and Senior International Referee. In the professional field he is dedicated to marketing and has experience in legal issues and media planning, having worked for Perez Companc SA and Telecom Group. As editor of video game magazines, Pedro rounds out a vision of the games as a user, as a journalist and finally as Marketing professional.
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