Panel: Animation Industry & VFX

Directors of the main studies will show us their projects and give us their vision of the current state of the industry and their 2020 projections.


Saturday 2 2019 November


17: 30 19 to: 00 hours.


Auditorium- Ground Floor - Image Campus

José María Ferrucci

José María Ferrucci - Hook Up Animation

He served as coordinator of the career of Integral Making Cartoons IMAGE and teaching in the subjects "Storyboard and Layout" and "Drawing for Animation Workshop" at the beginning of the same in the year 2006. Hook Up Animation founder and Director of preproduction. In addition to management and coordination tasks, performs character designs, storyboards, layouts, animation and concept development. He worked on such productions as "Dibu 2", "Manuelita", "The Pintín to the Rescue" and "Patoruzito" among others.
Martín López Funes

Martín López Funes - Malditomaus SRL

Co-founder and executive producer at Malditomaus SRL, an Argentine company dedicated to the creation of visual effects (VFX), animation and development of immersive experiences (virtual reality) He has participated in his role as producer of visual effects and animation in more than 30 films international from 2005 to date.
Ignacio Pol

Ignacio Pol - CONTROL Studio

Degree in Audiovisual Realization, creator from 2009 of CONTROL Studio, a company where he currently works as VFX Supervisor and Senior Composer for film, TV, advertising, theater, events and virtual reality projects. With experience in the industry from 2005 as Generalist 3D, Motion Graphics Artist and Stereoscopy Supervisor in various studios such as Plunk, Rutilante, Arrow and Matiz, among others. In Image Campus, teacher of Mapping and After Effects.


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