Graduate Panel

(The jump to the Video Game Industry Free fall or trampoline?)

Recent graduates of careers and different trajectories linked to the videogame industry share their first experiences, challenges, frustrations and achievements. What steps they felt they had to go to be where they are and the contrast (or not) of expectations regarding reality. Could it be that the formation was the springboard that cushioned the free fall of any start?


Saturday 2 2019 November


12: 00 13 to: 30 hours.


Classroom 6 - 1º Floor - Image Campus

Lucas Bica

Lucas Bica

Lucas is a multi-disciplinary video game developer who made the professional training courses "Introduction to Programming", "Advanced Unity" during the 2017 and the "Game Designer" during the year 2018. Along with his formal studies at Image Campus, he also trained himself in video games, marketing, and team leadership. He currently works in Boxitsoft covering the roles of technical artist and programmer optimizing workflows, art to be implemented, training artists in technical areas and programming the front-end of the Clash of Wizards project. He is also attached to the professional careers he previously studied.
Matías Fernandez Cappelletti

Matías Fernandez Cappelletti

Videogame developer graduated from Image Campus. Currently working on Delta3 as a Unity developer for Virtual Reality simulators (HTC Live, Oculus, etc.).
Sebastián Avena

Sebastián Avena

After his first year and a half of study at Image Campus, he joined Accenture as a Java programmer. A year and a half after that insertion he returns to Image Campus in search of focusing his taste for computer science, to make videogames, to work in creative environments and for people passionate about what he does. Curious to understand how things work and passionate about solving problems, he worked on various projects until he entered NGD, now Nimble Giant Entertainment, where he is working in Quantum League with a very capable and committed team. Seeks to be part of teams that create inspiring experiences.

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:
  • Superior Technician in Game Development
  • Superior Technician in Art and Animation for Video Games
  • Superior Technique in Production and Animation 3D
  • Game Development with Unity 3D
  • Introduction to Programming Video
  • Game Design
  • Game Audio
For Image Campus Students valid 5 CEPPIC points


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