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Featured Professionals and Referents from the local and international industries
Neil huxley
Emmy-nominated director, writer and storytellerNeil huxley

Neil Huxley is an Emmy-nominated director, writer, and storyteller extremely well versed in traditional, digital, and virtual production workflows, including live action, visual effects, animation, and video game performance capture for real-time game engines. His deep knowledge of VFX is the result of more than 15 years in the industry, the last 8 have seen him writing, launching and directing projects that have accumulated millions of views online globally.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2008, Neil's extensive experience in design, post-production, and visual effects led him to direct the 5:40 main sequence for main title de Watchmen of Zach Snyder before working alongside James Cameron for 18 months at Avatar as a visual effects art director. leading a team of more than 80 visual effects artists, contributing to more than 300 shots.

Neil then went on to build a body of work that showcases his ability to create immersive virtual worlds and characters that feel natural and emotional. He has written and directed cinematics and video game commercials for content such as Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Dead Space 3, The Darkness II y Super Mario Maker as well as multiple DLC expansion previews for Dead By Daylight , including the disclosure of Stranger Things 'Demogorgon, that accumulated more than 7 million visits in 24 hours. Neil has directed several FX-powered launch trailers for many AAA games, such as Transformers: Fall of Cybertron , Mad Max Rise of the Tomb Raider , for which he also directed the game cinematics . These consisted of directing more than 90 minutes of capturing the performance with various actors using full head cameras reading more than 80 pages of dialogue. Neil also acted as virtual editor and cinematographer for these sequences using a virtual camera system (VCAM).

Neil's live-action / CG work can be seen in the trailers for Assassin's Creed Unity y Iron Man VR for Marvel Studios and PlayStation VR, as well as in various promotional live fighting movies for Ultimate Fighting Championship . He has worked with several UFC world champion athletes, including Jon Jones, Connor McGregor, and Ronda Rousey, the last of whom was for the nominated viral film al Emmy by Ronda Rousey Vs. Holly Holm, which has surpassed 50 million views online.

Neil's work is often celebrated for blending the elegant and meticulous with the violent and dark, and nowhere is this more evident than in the monumental interactive live action movie from several million dollars, Middle Earth: Shadow of War for Warner Bros Interactive. Braving the Ukrainian winter, he oversaw a team of hundreds to bring to life an epic battlefield of warring orcs and fire-breathing dragons, garnering millions of views and accolades from staunch fans for being the best representation of Middle Earth since the original LOTR trilogy. . The full 8 minute interactive movie can be played in " Make Your Choice "and more of Neil's work can be seen at: o .

Neil is also developing feature film projects with his brother and writer, Philip Huxley, who has written some of the biggest AAA video game titles in recent years, including Batman: Arkham Knight.

Paul Toscano
Animation Technical Director of Ubisoft Quebec (Canada)Paul Toscano

He was born in Argentina in 1974. From his youth he discovered his passion for design, architecture and computers. Pablo Toscano Graduated from Image Campus and current professor of the 3D artist career at CEGEP in Limoilou in Quebec City, Pablo has his first contact with videogame production, working for the 3D department of “”. In 2003 and already established in the province of Quebec in Canada, he joined a young Canadian company called Frima Studio, in which he will occupy the position of team leader of the 3D production department. In this studio, among other productions, he will make projects for the BBC, the Harry Potter license and for the Cartoon Network channel. In 2005, taking advantage of the opening of a new Ubisoft studio in Quebec City, he decided to join this company, in the position of team leader of the 3D animation department. Pablo will participate in the production of video games such as Splinter Cell Double Agent, Open Season (Sony Pictures Animation) and TMNT (Imagi Animation Studios). Finally, in 2008, he was promoted to the position of animation technical director for the wii version of the Prince of Persia license. Throughout his more than ten years of experience as an animation technical director, he has participated in different productions such as Brotherhood, 3, Black Flag, Syndicate and Odyssey of the acclaimed Assassin's Creed license. Currently Pablo works actively in the production of IMMORTALS FENIX RISING. A new Ubisoft license available soon.

Link to the Immortals Fenix ​​Rising Game play:

Juan Linietsky
He is one of the founders of the video game industry in ArgentinaJuan Linietsky
He devoted himself for more than two decades to undertaking and consulting, publishing games on all platforms and working with the largest companies locally and internationally. He is one of the creators and development leader of Godot Engine, the most used free (open source) video game development engine, which is growing by huge steps in the industry.
Vanesa Binsztok
Enterprise Agile Coach & Innovation Consultant. Enteprise Agility Embassador at Enterprise Agility Institute Argentina and Customer Agility® Traineer.Vanesa Binsztok
Experience in organizational transformation with a focus on business. Specialist in differentiation and innovation phases and agile product development. Pioneer in the incorporation of agile practices in creative industries in Argentina. Led Disney Labs, the Innovation Program of The Walt Disney Company Latam. I implemented in the Creative area of ​​The Walt Disney Company an agile model for brand and product development with a focus on local content with global reach. With this framework we created several successful brands such as Soy Luna, Junior Express, Once and Violetta: the first global franchise created outside the US. I was Manager of Educational Management and Director of the Image and Sound Area of ​​Image Campus. I work as a Professor in Agility in the Specialization Career in Design and Brand Management. Professor at UADE in the Subject Entrepreneurship of Entertainment Companies in the Media and Entertainment Management Career. Certified in CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner®) CSM (Certified ScrumMaster®), CAL I (Certified Agile Leadership I®), Management 3.0 and Enterprise Agility Accredited®.
Adham kosht
Director of CinematicsAdham kosht

Adham is born in Argentina and worked as a camera director for several large-scale film and video game productions. Worked for Weta in New Zealand (The Hobbit, Planet of the Apes, etc), Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed), Activision (Call of Duty) and Gear Box (Borderlands II)  

Yata Andersen
Illustrator and Conceptual Artist, Salvador, Bahia - BrazilYata Andersen
It works in the advertising market, with more than 25 years of experience, carrying out Concept Art projects for 2D and 3D Games, Cinema and Cartoons. In 2011, he concluded his studies in Digital Painting, Dynamic Sketching and Concept Design at the FZD School of Design, Singapore, the school of Feng Zhu, an artist recognized worldwide for his concepts for films such as Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith, TMNT and Transformers. With Feng, Yata perfected his character and set design technique, directing years of experience in the advertising market for mass cinema. He has worked alongside Alex Dantas since 2009 on film and television projects, with names like Ivete Sangalo and Ronaldinho Gaúcho, to mention a few of them.
Daniel Bel
Sculpt Collectibles exclusive digital sculptorDaniel Bel
I have been a 3D artist for over 15 years. Throughout my career I have worked in different fields within the range of possibilities offered by my profession. I started with Engineering, I continued with Architecture and I ventured into Video Games. Finally I worked in Advertising as an artist and art director. It was in this area that I worked most of my career and in fact, I had the opportunity to found my own company. But it was just four years ago that I found the true passion in my life: digital sculpture and collectible figures. Since then I have had the opportunity to work as a sculptor for various companies around the world, and currently be part of the select group of sculptors of the most important in the field, Sideshow Collectibles, where I develop as a Senior Digital Sculptor and Art Director. The figures we make are mass-produced and reach all parts of the planet, which gives me unmatched satisfaction. I do what I am passionate about and I try to convey it as best I can in each work I do.
Pablo Navarro
Animation director, director and senior character animatorPablo Navarro
He began his career at a very young age (19), as a self-taught. Professionally, his first work in animation was inked, little by little he went through all the positions within a production, until he became lead animator and animation director. He has worked on a large number of feature films, mainly in Europe and North America, as a senior character animator and animation director. The most relevant are Klaus, Middle School worst days of my life, El Cid the Legend, Nocturna, Asterix and the Vikings, Planet 51, Donkey-xote, The Congress, among many others adding almost twenty films. He has also worked in countless commercials and short films. He has participated in an animation book, titled Animation Insiders, was invited to share his knowledge about animation processes and workflow, along with 12 of the most talented animators of today. He has lectured on acting for animation in the USA, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, teaches animation bases at the Joso school in Barcelona, ​​and Interpretation for animation at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In addition to all this, Pablo is developing his own animated feature film project, based on an original idea created by him and writing a manual on animal locomotion for animators.
Alejandra Bruno
Alejandra Bruno
She is a narrative designer and video game producer since 2008. She has developed more than ten games for prestigious clients such as Big Fish, Lego, Unicef, Paka Paka channel, Ministry of Education, Museum of the Cabildo de la Nación, among others. She is co-founder of Women in games Argentina and a member of its educational commission. It is part of Yaguar Studio, where it develops video games, apps and interactive software for installations. Since 2004, he has taught Narrative and Screenwriting in various careers and paths at Image Campus.   
Maureen berho
Co-Founder, General Manager and Producer at Niebla GamesMaureen berho
Maureen Berho is Co-Founder, General Manager and Producer at Niebla Games, a board game and video game developer from Valparaíso, Chile. Currently, he collaborates as Country Lead for Latinx In Gaming. In 2016 and 2017, he was part of the Board of Video Games Chile. Niebla Games projects have received support from multiple Chilean public and private institutions; and they have been featured in relevant international exhibition spaces, such as the Indie MEGABOOTH and the Indie Showcase of the PAX East 2018 fair; the Indie Game Area of ​​Tokyo Game Show 2018; the Indie Showcase at Dreamhack Summer 2019; and the Indie Celebration of Digital Dragons 2020. Maureen was highlighted by El Mercurio newspaper among the 100 Young Leaders of 2016; awarded the InspiraTEC Award (2016) for women in technology by the Ministry of Economy of the Government of Chile; and recognized with the second place of the Young Entrepreneur Award (2017) of the Fundación Mujeres Empresarias. Finally, she has collaborated as Ambassador of the Self-Esteem Program of Dove and UN Women Chile, and as Ambassador of the video game sector for the Campaign "Ask for Chile, A World of Services" of Fundación Imagen de Chile.
Oscar Carballo
Filmmaker, writer, visual artist and teacherOscar Carballo

He has gone through the problems of design, theatrical scenography, perspective and staging.

As a Film Director, screenwriter and producer, he has shot two feature films: "The Wild Boar's Perspective" and "The Last Voyage of Aelita Schaeffer" which in 2020 has obtained the following

  • Distinctions: Best Cinematography Award: 4th Indian World Film Festival 2020, Hyderabad India.
  • Finalist: First-Time Filmmaker Sessions Festival, London, UK, 2020.
  • Honorable Jury Mention 8th Indian Cinema Film Fest, Mumbai, India
  • Official Selection 5th Reykjavik Independent Film Festival, 2020
  • Official Selection First Miami National Film Festival.
  • 8th International MIAX Jalisco Festival, Mexico

He has published Irreflexión, Libraria 2015, on cinema and image. And it is in the preparation of Preexistences of the future design, apostilles on cinema and design.

As a teacher, he works at the National School of Cinematographic Experimentation and Realization and at the Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires, Argentina where he is Head of the Chair of Vision 2, the Design of Film Production. He teaches courses annually at the International School of Film and TV, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

Since 1986 - To date: designs for film and television, theater and video games. 

He has designed for filmmakers and production designers: David Brisbin, Carlos Conti, Walter Salles, Nigel Phelps, Peter Green, Laurie Castelli-Gair, Michael Goodwind, Hector Babenco, Damián Szifrón, Esteban Sapir, Emanuele Crialese, Andy Fogwill, Christopher Hampton , Pat Farrell, Coca Oderigo (Lucrecia Martel), among others.

As an illustrator and Artist Mate he designs Backgrounds for network games for QB9 studios (Argentina) and Walt Disney (Tim Burton).

Diego Mendel
Co-Founder, designer and audiovisual producer in FingerprintDiego Mendel
Freelancer in the area of ​​Motion Graphics for producers in Argentina, Brazil and England. Between 2008 and 2013 he served as Academic Coordinator and Professor at the SAGA Institute, in Salvador de Bahia, Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais, Brazil. Certified by Adobe as ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) and ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) in After Effects and Premiere. Certified by Autodesk as Autodesk Certified Professional, in Autodesk Maya. From 2014 he works in Image Campus as content coordinator and professor of the Multimedia Production Career and in the Motion Graphics Vocational Training Path.
Hernan D. Merlino
Doctor in Computer Science specialized in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence and BlockchainHernan D. Merlino
My name is Hernan D. Merlino and I am a computer science doctor specialized in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, I teach classes on these topics at the Faculty of Engineering of the UBA, in the Master in Software Engineering of the UTNFRBA and in the Master's Degree of Data Science at the Austral University.
I also have extensive experience in the industry with more than 30 years of work on issues related to Artificial Intelligence applied to finance, banking and retail.
At present I am dedicated to the research and generation of artificial intelligence engines, both for the video game industry and for decision-making by senior management.
In addition to this, in the Blockchain area we are researching and developing together with a team of experts a crypto asset (cryptocurrency) for the exchange of rewards in the video game industry.
Martina Santoro
Evangelista for Unreal Engine at Epic GamesMartina Santoro
Martina Santoro has been developing games and interactive content for more than a decade. With experience in animation production, she founded OKAM STUDIO in 2010 and worked in the local community before becoming president of the Argentine Association of Game Developers and later one of the founders of the Latam Videogame Federation. She has also worked with the Inter-American Development Bank on the book about the games industry in Latam: Videogames: More than a game: the unknown successes of Latin American and Caribbean studies and was selected as one of the women in the game: 100 Gaming professionals. She was editor-in-chief of Inside Games Latam, a key resource for Latam Games Industry Business News, and He now works as an evangelist for Unreal Engine at Epic Games, collaborating with teams of developers, business partners, and education.
Nicolas Earnshaw
Decentraland Developer Experience ManagerNicolas Earnshaw
He is the Developer Experience Manager of Decentraland, where he aims to improve the tools and experience of content creators who develop their games on the platform. Previously, he spent several years writing technical documentation for developers. He completed a postgraduate degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media, which gives him a background in AI and usability. He has been a gamer (on PC) since he has been using a PC.
Valeria colombo
Lead Engineering Manager of the Trivia Crack 2 team at EtermaxValeria colombo

Graduated in Computer Science, video game developer for 11 years and member of the board of directors of Women in games Argentina. Today he is Lead Engineering Manager of the Trivia Crack 2 team at Etermax.

Claudio Abraham
Claudio Abraham
Previously a Traditional Sculptor and currently venturing into and devoted 100% to Digital Sculpture. I have been fortunate to participate in the modeling of toys for Official Licenses in Argentina such as Disney Pixar's Cars 3, and Marvel's Spider-Man, among other projects. I love studying and researching everything that makes me curious, and combining those studies in unique values, and thanks to this, combining a passion for sculpture with a curiosity for cosplay, led me to become the Official Spider-Man Cosplayer. for Sony Pictures Argentina. I love helping artists to be encouraged to connect with their passions, and demolish the myth that art cannot be lived, always trying to convey that "different, better than better" and that the secret is to find our " unique value ”.
Eugenio Taboada
Sound designer, teacher and researcherEugenio Taboada
Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts with Audiovision Orientation (UNA), Sound Designer (ENERC 2011). Audio Recording and Post-Production Technician (TECSON 2007). Sound producer for Audiovisual Media (Intimacy, 2017; Repetition of the replica… 2016) and for interactive and generative sound works and installations (Sound Drawings, Expo Employment 2018; Virtual Passages, Sound Day and Recording ECO / AES UTN 2016 ). Speaker at Audio Conferences: JAAS Untref 2019 / 2017; UNQui 2017 Sound Week; Connect - Urban Study 2016. Designs, Coordinates and dictates Courses aimed at teaching Sound for Audiovisual Media (Sound Design Tamaba, 2017. He is a professor at Image Campus from 2013 and technical coordinator of the Sound area from 2018.
Martín López Funes
Co-founder and executive producer at MalditomausMartín López Funes
Co-founder and executive producer at Malditomaus, an Argentine company dedicated to the creation of visual effects (VFX), animation and development of immersive experiences (virtual reality).
He has participated in his role as a producer of visual effects and animation in more than 40 international films from 2005 to date.
Malditomaus is a company part of ANIMAR (Argentine Animation Cluster of the ICBC bank foundation program).
Vito Rodríguez Christensen
Senior UI Artist at Massive Entertainment (UBISOFT) in the development of the triple-A video game AvatarVito Rodríguez Christensen

Throughout her career, she worked as an Art Leader at QB9, was Art Director at Mantaray, and worked as a teacher at FADU in the subject “Theory of Inhabiting”, also participating in research and educational content development activities. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) and a graduate of Image Campus where she studied Introduction to Programming for Videogames. 

Roy Magariños
Roy Magariños
Videogame producer and consultant, teacher, entrepreneur, expert in strategic design and development of mobile business models F2P. His vision is to create high impact digital products that influence human behavior, develop habits and generate culture. He has a technical background with 15 for years as a videogame programmer, team management and leadership of technological developments. Its strength lies in the sensitivity to understand human behavior and convert that chain of actions into a solid and measurable business plan.
Jasmine Giolito
Jasmine Giolito

Sonora Artist, dedicated to musical composition, sound design and audio implementation for interactive media. 

Before turning to audio for video games, he practiced disciplines such as lyrical singing, clarinet playing, and chamber music and electroacoustic composition, which influence his current voice as a sound artist.

She is keenly interested in sharing and growing with other people, which is reflected in her work as Lead Organizer of Women Game Jam Argentina and as part of the Rosario GameDevs community board of directors.   

He develops his profession in various fields, including the Aruna Collective and Tiluchi studios, which he co-founded with people from his community.

Fabian Martinez Torre
Founder and current Director of PlayfullyFabian Martinez Torre

Its current goal is to be able to incorporate Argentina into the world circuit of board games (Use and Design), for which it collaborates with the dissemination and training of the history and world news of the matter. Facilitates the discovery of the playful world of adolescents, youth and adults. Game Developer, Designer and Tester since 1999. Teacher in different Tertiary Institutes since 2005. Social Gambler for a looooong time, Ludothecarian, Ludologist, Expert in Board Games, Playful Entrepreneur. Diffuser and facilitator of board games. Founder and current Director of Playfully. Speaker, lecturer and panelist in Board Games Days. Reference in radio, magazine and television notes.

Ignacio Di Mattia - Neo Media Lab
MediaMaker, Professor and Researcher in Media, New Technologies, Culture and SocietyIgnacio Di Mattia - Neo Media Lab
MediaMaker, Professor and Researcher in Media, New Technologies, Culture and Society. From 2013 he is General Director of the NEO Media Lab of UNTREF Media (UNTREF, National University of Tres de Febrero). Space dedicated to research, reflection, production and strategic linking that focuses new media. From the 2009 he has specialized in the field of Immersive Technologies. At 2019, it was convened by the French Institute to participate in the Focus on Immersive Reality Technology program, an initiative that will bring together industry professionals in March to stimulate the production of immersive content, generate alliances and agreements with representatives from Europe.
German Heller
3DAR - CEOGerman Heller
He was born in Buenos Aires in '81. Self-taught software engineer, he worked 5 years in the industry. After dropping out of college and an IT development career, he founded 3DAR in 2004 at the age of 23 with the goal of creating a more inspiring work environment that connects art and technology. The company was born with a disruptive identity and quickly became a magnet for talented visual arts and technology professionals with a creative drive. He has led the company as CEO for over 15 years driving innovation in both high-end services and original content fronts. He also works as a creator, director, and producer for many life experiences, television commercials, and independent projects. His most recent project is Paper Birds, of which he is a writer, co-director and co-producer, and is currently competing in international festivals.
Carlos Egas
Interactive audio developer for video games and new mediaCarlos Egas

Graduated as a music producer from the San Francisco de Quito University (USFQ) and with a Master's degree in sound technology and innovation from Berklee College of Music, where he was also in charge of the applied technology laboratory. 

He specializes in audio design and interactive programming, as well as sound production for audiovisual media. He is currently Audio Director for the Mexican video game studio Lienzo and sound designer for the Round 2 Games studio in Ecuador.

Jorge Tereso
Art Director / Partner 3DARJorge Tereso
Julian Chab
Julian Chab

Graphic Designer (UBA), 30 years old. Since he was received in 2017, he has been working mainly in the field of illustration and pixel art for video games, having carried out several projects for the American company Legends of Learning. Gathering the knowledge of all these disciplines, he developed Dungeons & Drinks, the board game that he has just published from the hand of the Games Bureau.

Fernando Maldonado
Fernando Maldonado

Fernando Maldonado was born in 1978, in San Juan, Argentina. He graduated from UNSJ as a professor of visual arts and trained in 3D animation. His first short film “La Mix”, directed with Lucas Aguirre, was awarded by Telefe Cortos first edition (2004) and selected by Mar del Plata Film festival (2005). He has lived in Buenos Aires since 2008 and works as Animation Director at 3Dar Studios. He co-directed Shave it (2013) with Jorge Tereso, awarded by many international festivals, including Anima Mundi and Short of the week, and was part of the official selection of more than 80 film festivals. He was Animation Director at Uncanny Valley (2015) awarded by more than 25 international festivals and in official selection in more than 100 festivals. He was Animation Director of the environmental video clip Earth by rapper Lil Dicky for the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, where dozens of artists participate, winner of the platinum award at the Cannes Lion festival and selected for the Mtv awards. He is currently co-directing with Jorge Tereso the Virtual Reality (VR) series Gloomy Eyes narrated by Colin Farrell, selected by Sundance Festival, winner of the Annecy, SXSW, New Images and Official Selection at the Biennale de Venice.

Michel (Mich) Fischman
Michel (Mich) Fischman

Co-founding partner of Buró, a board game publisher based in Argentina with offices in Brazil and Spain. He works mainly in the international area obtaining and offering licenses and in the development area as a game author and publisher.

Pedro Hegoburu
Pedro Hegoburu
Enthusiast of games in general, whether they are card, board, role-playing or video games. He got started in the playful life last century, testing video games on Apple II + (Ultima IV), card games (Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth) and miniatures (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) when he was not role-playing Runequest or Call of Cthulhu. . He was part of the official team that made the translation of Path of Exile into Spanish. He was also very dedicated to chess and is a Senior International Master and International Referee. In the professional field, he is dedicated to Marketing and has experience in Legal matters and in Media Planning. As a video game magazine writer, Pedro rounds off a vision of games as a user, as a journalist and finally as a Marketing professional.
Guido Arcella
Guido Arcella

He began his musical career as a violinist and composer at the age of 14. His passion for music led him to receive a scholarship to study composition at the Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas) and the master's degree in composition for music for films, video games and television at the Berklee College of Music .

Guido has occupied the first places in prestigious international competitions of musicalization for films in the California Independent Film Festival 2018 (San Francisco, California) and in the Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2018 and 2019 (Ohio). He has also been awarded for his video game music at the Intel Game Awards (San Francisco, California) as part of the Game Developers Conference 2016 and 2017.

He currently works as a composer in Arcella sound, his production house of original music for movies and video games, composing music for more than 50 national and international audiovisual projects.

Guido is a teacher in the subjects of instrumentation, orchestration and composition in the bachelor and master of musical arts in the Yucatan School of Arts.

Santiago J. Rodríguez,
Illusionist. Project Manager. (Is not the same)Santiago J. Rodríguez, "El Tahúr"

In 1998, together with Guido, he founded Misteriosa Buenos Aires, a sophisticated page about role-playing games. In 2008 the same duo founded the Asian Dawn game club, which would later become AA Lúdica, which since 2016 has produced Sucesos Argentinos, Nom Noms, and Ars Dominó.

Guido D. Cegarra,
Guido D. Cegarra, "The Professor"

History teacher, Toys and games designer, Ludotecario, Opponent by nature.

He began his post-TEG stage in 1994 with MERP, and then enjoyed the beautiful role of the '90s. In 1998, together with Santiago, he founded Misteriosa Buenos Aires, a sophisticated page about role-playing games. In 2008 the same duo founded the Asian Dawn game club, which would later become AA Lúdica, which since 2016 has produced Sucesos Argentinos, Nom Noms, and Ars Dominó.

Christian andrade
Unreal Engine Evangelist for Latin America at Epic GamesChristian andrade
With over 13 years of experience in the games industry as an instructor, developer and entrepreneur.
As an evangelist for Unreal Engine, Christian travels around Latam to speak and teach about Unreal Engine 4 while helping developers create amazing games.
He also co-founded Arcademe Inc., a company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose goal was to train and develop video game projects for US companies in Latin America. He is currently part of many video game associations and guilds in Latin America designed to improve the professionalization of the industry in the region.
Federico Carlini
Visual Art Director 3DARFederico Carlini
Gonzalo azpiri
Director / General Production of Hookup AnimationGonzalo azpiri

In the artistic area he is responsible for the direction, animation direction, art direction, character design, BG design, storyboards, layouts, animation and script of numerous productions of traditional 2D animation, cut out, CGI and mixed media. He also directed live action productions to later combine them with animation and supervised the recording of voices, composition and musical performance of bands and sound post-production. He is currently developing original projects taking care of the conception of the idea, script, direction, character design, art direction, animation and animation direction. As a producer, he assembled production teams for television series, feature films, interstitials, promotions, commercials, video clips, web content and other formats; Supervision of local teams (internal and autonomous) and suppliers in China, India and the Philippines. I made specific production pipelines for each particular work in traditional 2D, Cut out, CGI and mixed techniques. He currently serves as vice president of CAMIAT (Argentine Chamber of Animation and Technology).

Andrea Bacigalupo
Co-Founder and Executive Producer of GizmoAndrea Bacigalupo
He began his advertising career in 1996 at Young & Rubicam Argentina, where he worked until the end of 1999. Those years allowed him to work with the best Argentine creative directors and make excellent campaigns. He then worked for two years at Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.
Later he worked for Disney Channel, coordinating the realization of advertising campaigns for Latam, then he worked at the advertising agency La Comunidad, until in October 2004 he associated with Emmanuel Verruno and they created Gizmo.
He assures that from the beginning they worked with the conviction that they were going to create a high-level animation studio and that they would aim to be the best animation studio in Argentina.
She is proud to have taken up the challenge and feels that year after year they are making their studio become the animation studio where many want to work and where others want to work with them.
Patrick Spallatti
"Lead Game Producer" in charge of Globant's Game Product and Design areaPatrick Spallatti

He is the "Lead Game Producer" in charge of Globant's Game Product and Design area.

Patricio has more than 15 years of experience in the world of video games, having worked on a wide variety of games for Gameloft, as well as on EA Sports UFC 2 and 3, among others.

Francisco Cerda
Francisco Cerda
Chilean-born pianist and composer. He began composing music for video games when he was 14 years old, when he created the soundtrack of a shmup that he also programmed himself. As a video game composer, his work can be heard in various acclaimed video games such as Jamestown, Gunpoint, Save The Date !, Witchmarsh, Frog Fractions 2, After Death, and Omen of Sorrow.
Gabriel Paiva Harwat
Technical Director at MalditomausGabriel Paiva Harwat
3D generalist with more than 20 years of experience in film and television with tools such as Maya, Modo, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Nuke and After Effects. Shading supervisor and rendering techniques in engines like Arnold and Redshift. 3D tracking, Camera Solving and Layout for cinema. Technical Director in development of new immersive VR and AR technologies for more than 5 years. I develop workflows in Open Source tools such as Unreal Engine and Blender on Linux platforms. Certified Epic Games Trainer Partner for Unreal Engine. Teaching and Training in Unreal Engine.
Juan Manuel Dominguez,
Juan Manuel Dominguez, "The Outsider"

Economist, recovering Kickstarter addict, Grand Master of Excel. 

He began role-playing in 1999 with The Call of Cthulhu, to continue in a downward spiral that led him to manage the DeRol Forum and enter the world of board games. Thanks to the role, he also met Santiago, Guido and the Asian Dawn game club, which would later become AA Lúdica, which since 2016 produces Sucesos Argentinos, Nom Noms, and Ars Dominó.

Guido Mastrangelo
Guido Mastrangelo

For 15 years, Guido has been dedicated to sound design and music production for video games, having worked for developers such as Nimble Giant Entertainment, Bacus Studios, Qb9, Rock You, Joju Games, Abrakam, among others.

Among the most prominent titles he has collaborated on are Quantum League, Master Of Orion, Trident's Wake and Element Space. The projects in which he has participated cover a wide range of platforms from mobile, casual to PC and consoles.

He currently resides in Barcelona where he is working for Limitless Games, in full development of what will be Pantheon's Legends

Nicolas Gaston Couvin
Producer and audiovisual producerNicolas Gaston Couvin

Nicolás is a producer and audiovisual producer.

At age 18 he began his career as a Digital Artist and 3D Animator in production companies such as Imágica SA, the first in the country (1992-1996) and then Metrovision (1996-2001), where he acquired experience as an animator in pieces for advertising, television and video clips.

In 2001, he founded Malabar Producciones SRL, a study that he currently directs.
Luciana Roude
Executive Producer of Can Can ClubLuciana Roude

Designer in Image and Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires, postgraduate in Cultural Management from FLACSO and graduated from the Superior Course in Audiovisual Business in the Audiovisual District (CABA). 

During his career he worked on feature films, short films and various content for television. Since 2011 he focused on the development and production of original series. As general production coordinator, she participated in the projects from the writing of her bible to the deliveries to the respective broadcasting channels. Among them, the programs "Lying the Truth", ": Present" and "The Kliskberg Report" received Emmy Award nominations among numerous international recognitions.

In 2015, she joined Can Can Club as an executive producer. Currently, the studio is co-producing the series Two little birds with Palermo Estudio (Uruguay), the first award-winning project The League of Ibero-American Animation, and the short film "The Teapot" by Javier Mrad, Becho Lo Bianco and Mariano Bergara
Emmanuel Verruno
Emmanuel VerrunoAnimation director and co-founder of Gizmo Animation Studio

He graduated as 'Animation Director' in 2002 and co-founded Gizmo Animation Studios. Ema stands out for finding the perfect visual style for every story she works on. His talent for creating compelling narratives can be seen in the work he has produced for NetFlix, Honda, Coca Cola, Beats by Dre, and Disney, to name a few. Since 2013 he has been immersed in the gaming industry, in charge of directing AAA video game film trailers for developers such as WB Games, NCSOFT, Ubisoft, Gameloft and GSN. Throughout his career as an animation director, many of his projects won world-class accolades and awards such as Cannes Lions, ProMax BDA, Clio, and the New York festivals.

Daniel Gomez Cortés
Managing Director of NXA Studios Argentina and Collider CraftworksDaniel Gomez Cortés

Daniel is the Managing Director of NXA Studios Argentina and Collider Craftworks. With a strong art direction background, he worked on a variety of projects including Street Fighter V, MK X, Assassin's Creed Origins, For Honor, Injustice 2, and Mortal Kombat 11.

Accompanied by a super fantastic team, he spent the last 4 years developing a service model dedicated exclusively to individual studies. Focused on the development and specialization of characters.

Daniel is very fortunate to be part of a rowdy but highly productive and talented group of 45 character artists. 

Take on ambitious challenges with quality people! That's what it's all about.

Mauricio José Navajas
President of ADVA (Association of Videogame Developers Argentina)Mauricio José Navajas
Mauricio José Navajas, 34 years old, degree in business administration, President of ADVA (Association of Argentine Video Game Developers). CEO of the 3OGS studio, Academic Director in the diploma in videogame design, programming and art at the Provincial University of Córdoba and professor at the National University of Rafaela.
Mariano Fragulia
Chief Product Officer of etermaxMariano Fragulia

Computer Engineer from the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), works in ethermax since 2009. He was one of the developers of the company's first product, iStockManager, a stock trading mobile application that was later acquired by TD Ameritrade, one of the largest brokers in the United States.


Throughout the last decade he has held various positions within the company, being in charge of products such as Apalabrados, Mezcladitos, Bingo Crack, Pictionary and Trivia Crack. In his role as CPO, which he has held since 2014, he leads the product strategy of ethermax and focuses on the creation of intellectual property and new games. He is responsible for the Product, Art, Content and Support departments.

Toni Leys
Composer, music producer and sound designer for video gamesToni Leys
Composer, music producer and sound designer for videogames (LemonChili Games, Interabang Entertainment, Bits Rule Games), as well as teacher in the field of audio for videogames in our Vocational Training Paths linked to Videogame Audio, both introductory and advanced. His personal musical project focuses on borrowing sound elements from the videogame music of the 90s and applying them to the production of current electronic music. Create a mix that goes from EDM, Psytrance and Future Bass to Chiptune and 8 bits.
Pablo Palacios
Pablo Palacios

Born in 1985, he studied writing for several years in different workshops dictated by actors of poetry and narrative; He trained as a Ludotecario and studies the field of playful philosophy. He has been working for more than four years as a game designer and teacher in the same discipline. He worked as a producer and consultant on the video game Oír, and was coordinator of the Argentine playtesting group Leyenda de los Cinco Anillos for AEG. He was in charge of the general production of the Corear Symphonic Version Videogame Music Orchestra. He founded the specialized journalism medium Coliseo and his Coliseo Dragons team.

Alejandro Andrés Iparraguirre
Alejandro Andrés Iparraguirre
Senior Marketing Technician and Electronics Technician, he develops as a producer, designer and cultural manager promoting the videogames industry. Professor of the Bachelor of Electronic Arts of (UNTREF National University of Tres de Febrero) and Professor of the Interactivity Workshop of the Bachelor of Design at the University of San Andrés. He currently stands out in the videogame development industry as a founding member of FundAV (Argentine Video Game Foundation), is the coordinator of the videogames area for the Ministry of Culture of Argentina. His specific work is as a playful designer, producer in the coordination of the development team and as a production, human resources, marketing and communication consultant for the videogames sector. Projects such as the Game Work Jam (Video Game Entrepreneurship Event), Argentina Train Jam (Game Jam in Argentine Trains), Element Space (Sixth Vowel studio video game) and Pipilco (Intellectual property inspired by native peoples)
Julien Brun
Virtuality ManagerJulien Brun
Luciano Saracino
Screenwriter and WriterLuciano Saracino

Luciano Saracino is a screenwriter and writer. It has almost a hundred books published throughout the world and as many chapters of cartoons and television series. He was a teacher at Image Campus for many (and beautiful) years, but lately he (temporarily) moved away from the classrooms to dedicate all of his time to writing, his family, his garden and, when possible, the football of every Monday .

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