Saturday, August 27 2016 16: 20

Presentation of the book "Design and publishing games" Sebastian Koziner

Presentation of the book by Sebastian Koziner

Editing experience games at home showed us the great interest of the local public in the global playful moved ...

Day: 27 August 2016
Schedule: 17: 00 hs.
Location: Image Campus Auditorium

... For these he decided, along with several friends from the local scene, to transmit everything we learned in the best way possible, and that, we believe, is in a book, where each person in their own way is part of the scene, contribution from their area of ​​expertise.

Compiling useful both for those who just started, through history and classifications of modern games such as providing design guidelines information for those who have already put to work with their own prototypes, the book aims to achieve leave something to each person in different stages of planning of a game.

The book includes articles written by (in order of publication):
  • Fabian Martinez Torre
  • Juan Carballal
  • Mael Morholt
  • Juan Pablo Bouquet
  • Federico Fontana
  • Matías Saravia
  • Bruss Brussco
  • Sebastian Koziner
  • Juliana Bernabeu
  • Adrian Novell
  • Laura Muollo
  • Ezequiel "Witty" Wittner
  • Paul Camarasa
  • Javier Pelizzari
  • Alejandro Sasso Maio.
  • It includes a special article Biblios author: Stephen Finn

See you there!

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