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Workshops for the creation of animated shorts and video games

Starting in 2014, Image Campus inaugurated the “Labs”, a pioneering initiative for students to work as a team to create projects to be published, as part of their training for the industry that will receive them.

The Image Campus Labs are workshops that aim to video game development complete and short animated films, in a short period of time (between 1 and 2 months), using institute resources.

The shorts and games are created entirely by students from the different careers and professional paths taught at Image Campus, who are assisted and guided by specialist teachers in each area.

The video games developed in the Labs are free and available for multiple platforms. The animated shorts, both in 2D and 3D, began as video game trailers made in previous Labs, thus achieving greater interaction between disciplines and richer projects due to the contribution of the various areas.

Each new edition of the Lab adds features and goals in order to continue improving. We hope you continue to enjoy our students' work.

Jorge Cuellar, professor at Image Campus
Prof. Jorge M. Cuellar Rendon

The jams are spaces that contribute a lot to improving collective work, interpersonal communication and, above all, the creation of links between students from different areas, paths and careers.

Hernán Fernández, professor at Image Campus
Prof. Hernan Fernandez

They really learn what the stages of production are like, how to approach a project and not die trying. Know how to deal with other artists, learn from them and work as a team.

Sergio Baretto, Professor at Image Campus
Professor Sergio Baretto

The video games that are produced end up published and available to anyone who wants to play them, with which the students add one more project to their portfolio that shows that they were not only able to solve technically what their role demanded, but also had to overcome aspects of the production of a video game that go beyond the knowledge of tools and techniques.

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