Image Campus Labs

Workshops for creation of animated shorts and video games

IC Labs

Workshops for creation of animated shorts and video games
From 2014, Image Campus inaugurated the Labs, a pioneering initiative for students to work as a team in creating projects to publish, as part of their training for the industry that will receive them.

The Image Campus Labs are workshops that aim to develop complete video games and animated short films, in a short time (between 1 and 2 months), using institute resources.

The shorts and games are created entirely by students of the different careers and professional paths that are dictated in Image Campus, who are assisted and guided by specialist teachers of each area.

Video games developed in Labs are free and available for multiple platforms. The animated shorts, both in 2D and 3D, began as the video game trailers made in previous Labs, achieving in this way a greater interaction between disciplines and richer projects by the contribution of the different areas.

Each new edition of the Lab adds features and objectives in order to keep improving. We hope you continue to enjoy the work of our students.
SUMMER LAB 2019 - 2020

SUMMER LAB 2019 - 2020

For 6 years Image Campus has carried out its Summer Labs: Summer workshops where students and teachers develop projects to gain experience, improve their portfolio of work and continue learning.
Year after year, the philosophy of the labs is not to keep the known, overcome and continue to grow. That is why each new edition adds objectives, poses new challenges and explores something new.
It is in this sense that within the framework of the Summer Lab 2019 an ambitious project was started that combined virtual reality and augmented reality, with a unique video game idea brought by a group of teachers.
In this edition, the objective of developing a prototype of this game was fulfilled to experiment with these novel technologies, understand their problems and find solutions, with the final purpose of identifying the viability of the project and its potential. All this, in a short period of time (12 meetings of 3 hours), an aspect that characterizes the labs.
But just one prototype is not enough to satisfy such an ambitious project with so much potential. That is why this year, in the 2020 edition of the Summer Lab, a new iteration will be carried out that seeks to: improve the visual and sound section, generate greater immersion and polish the user experience to achieve a testable version that can be tested by others. high school students and teachers. This feedback will allow us to continue improving it throughout the year.


3 Programmers
1 sound engineer
8 artists and 4 teachers


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