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Laboratory of Art and Experimental Narrative

Pablo Palacios


► In charge of Pablo Palacios
► Exclusive for students of Image Campus
► Provides up to 40 CEPPIC points

Duration: 8 meetings of 2 hours each
Days and times: Monday from 14: 00 to 16: 00 hs.
Home: May 14 2018
Fianlization: 02 July 2018
Location: Image Campus (Salta 239, CABA)
Description of the Laboratory:

- From practice and production, you will find keys to narrative analysis of comics, movies, series, videogames.
- Narrative tools, transposition of productions, construction of characters, alternative and creative uses.
- Exchange with artists, productions and studies.

Pablo Palacios: Brief professional review

He is the founder of Coliseo, ludotecario, play theory. General producer of the Corear orchestra and reference of the Argentine Video Game Foundation.

Especially recommended for students of:
- Superior Technique in Art and Animation for Videogames.
(extendable to students of the other Techniques and the routes: Game Design - Game Art - Concept Art - Cartoon - Manga)

► For Image Campus students validate up to 40 CEPPIC points

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