Pablo Navarro Animation Director, senior character animator with more than 20 years of career


He began his career at a very young age (19), as a self-taught. Professionally, his first work in animation was inked, little by little he went through all the positions within a production, until he became lead animator and animation director. He has worked on a large number of feature films, mainly in Europe and North America, as a senior character animator and animation director. The most relevant are Klaus, Middle School worst days of my life, El Cid the Legend, Nocturna, Asterix and the Vikings, Planet 51, Donkey-xote, The Congress, among many others adding almost twenty films. He has also worked in countless commercials and short films. He has participated in an animation book, titled Animation Insiders, was invited to share his knowledge about animation processes and workflow, along with 12 of the most talented animators of today. He has lectured on acting for animation in the USA, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, teaches animation bases at the Joso school in Barcelona, ​​and Interpretation for animation at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In addition to all this, Pablo is developing his own animated feature film project, based on an original idea created by him and writing a manual on animal locomotion for animators.