Luciana Roude


Designer in Image and Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires, postgraduate in Cultural Management from FLACSO and graduated from the Superior Course in Audiovisual Business in the Audiovisual District (CABA).

During his career he worked on feature films, short films and various content for television. Since 2011 he focused on the development and production of original series. As general production coordinator, she participated in the projects from the writing of her bible to the deliveries to the respective broadcasting signals. Among them, the programs "Lies the Truth", ": Present" and "The Kliskberg Report" received Emmy Award nominations among numerous international recognitions.

In 2015 she joined Can Can Club as an executive producer. Currently, the studio is co-producing the series Two Little Birds with Palermo Estudio (Uruguay), the first project to win the La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana Award, and the short film “La Tetera” by Javier Mrad, Becho Lo Bianco and Mariano Bergara