Gonzalo azpri


In the artistic area he is responsible for the direction, animation direction, art direction, character design, BG design, storyboards, layouts, animation and script of numerous productions of traditional 2D animation, cut out, CGI and mixed media. He also directed live action productions to later combine them with animation and supervised the recording of voices, composition and musical performance of bands and sound post-production. He is currently developing original projects taking care of the conception of the idea, script, direction, character design, art direction, animation and animation direction. As a producer, he assembled production teams for television series, feature films, interstitials, promotions, commercials, video clips, web content and other formats; Supervision of local teams (internal and autonomous) and suppliers in China, India and the Philippines. I made specific production pipelines for each particular work in traditional 2D, Cut out, CGI and mixed techniques. He currently serves as vice president of CAMIAT (Argentine Chamber of Animation and Technology).