Daniel Bel


I have been a 3D artist for over 15 years. Throughout my career I have worked in different fields within the range of possibilities offered by my profession. I started with Engineering, I continued with Architecture and I ventured into Video Games. Finally I worked in Advertising as an artist and art director. It was in this area that I worked most of my career and in fact, I had the opportunity to found my own company. But it was just four years ago that I found the true passion in my life: digital sculpture and collectible figures. Since then I have had the opportunity to work as a sculptor for various companies around the world, and currently be part of the select group of sculptors of the most important in the field, Sideshow Collectibles, where I develop as a Senior Digital Sculptor and Art Director. The figures we make are mass-produced and reach all parts of the planet, which gives me unmatched satisfaction. I do what I am passionate about and I try to convey it as best I can in each work I do.