Alejandro Andrés Iparraguirre


Senior Marketing Technician and Electronics Technician, he develops as a producer, designer and cultural manager promoting the videogames industry. Professor of the Bachelor of Electronic Arts of (UNTREF National University of Tres de Febrero) and Professor of the Interactivity Workshop of the Bachelor of Design at the University of San Andrés. He currently stands out in the videogame development industry as a founding member of FundAV (Argentine Video Game Foundation), is the coordinator of the videogames area for the Ministry of Culture of Argentina. His specific work is as a playful designer, producer in the coordination of the development team and as a production, human resources, marketing and communication consultant for the videogames sector. Projects such as the Game Work Jam (Video Game Entrepreneurship Event), Argentina Train Jam (Game Jam in Argentine Trains), Element Space (Sixth Vowel studio video game) and Pipilco (Intellectual property inspired by native peoples)