Leandro Sena


He began his career at NGD Studios in the year 2008 as QA, mainly developing his work at the MMORPG Regnum Online. For his technical-analytical profile, and for the growth opportunities offered by the study, he assumed the roles of Game Designer and eventually Producer of the now renowned MMORPG Champions of Regnum. In the 2014 he began working as Lead Game Designer of the game Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. A triple AAA game published internationally by Wargaming and developed locally by NGD Studios. From the year 2017 to the 2019 it occupied the role of Product Owner of diverse prototypes and games that still did not see the light, closing in the 2019 its cycle in the mentioned study. At 2019 he founded Blue Whale Studios (patent pending), an independent company that focuses on the development of augmented reality applications, for cultural and commercial purposes, and provides advice and services related to e-commerce. He currently works as an independent Consultant, Analyst and Game Designer for a local studio focused on games for mobile platforms. He studied the professional training courses in Image Campus Introduction to Video Game Programming and Advanced Video Game Programming.