Gastón Carballal, student and graduate of Image Campus


He has worked as a digital artist on viacom- telefe since the last 16 years. Integrating the 3d team, it works in national (The Voice) and international (Rising Star) formats. In 2015 he began his journey through virtual reality, working 360 animations for the visualization of concepts. In 2016, his adventure with Tiltbrush and the tools of drawing and modeling in virtual reality in workflows of real work and in artistic samples. Throughout 2019 he was a Masterpiece VR tester, an application for modeling, sculpting and rigg in virtual reality, he worked on the production and art direction of the Airmax 720 campaign, both in the auditory pieces and in the activation for the Lollapalooza and He recently participated as a speaker in the Argentine Oracle event, "Embrace the transformation", to discuss the future of art with new immersive technologies.