César Turturro, Director and VFX Specialist


He is a director and specialist in VFX. He has experience both in the postproduction field: Modeling, texturing and 3d animation, as in the area of ​​camera and assembly. He began to navigate the world of 3d in the year 1994 and to this day he continues to research and develop methods to optimize and improve the quality of each VFX plane. In the year 2009 premiered his documentary Malvinas the War from the Air in co-production with The History Channel. For which more than 40 minutes of animated air fighting were made. In the year 2017 I created "Invasion 2040" a post-apocalyptic universe, live action, following his passion: Science fiction, robots and airplanes. For this project, he not only created the universe and its characters, but also designed and modeled the complex configurations of robots, exo armors and airplanes. The project is in its final stage of rendering with more than 160 vfx planes.