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Introduction to UNREAL ENGINE 4


Duration: 12 classes (36 hs)
Start Date: Please consult

(*) The beginning of the Courses is subject to calendar modifications.

About Unreal Engine
It is a complete set of creation tools designed to meet ambitious artistic visions, while being flexible enough to guarantee the success of teams of all sizes. As an established, industry-leading engine, Unreal delivers powerful, proven performance you can count on.

What do you learn?
  • Know the Unreal interface.
  • Import different assets correctly.
  • Create materials from the material editor and how to apply them.
  • Make landscapes and modify their shape, apply composite materials and give variety to what has been created.
  • Use matinee and sequence to make animations for videos or for interactions through blueprints within the scene.
  • Basic concepts to perform effects with Particle System: rain, smoke, lightning, fire, plasma etc.
  • Program different actions through nodes that we will see on the screen through blueprints.
  • Play games on 2d and 3d, platform games, 1 person shots and 3 people using Blueprints.
  • Implement the sound engine within UE: combine audio streams, make them random, adjust them ingame using Blueprints depending on the situation.
  • Use Vertexpainting to give variety to meshes used ingame.
  • Use PostProcess, implement it according to what you want to show on screen.

Software to Use


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After completing the course and crediting 80% of presenteeism, Image Campus extends a "Certificate of Attendance" in PDF format.

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