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Claxson (XSONF.OB) is a company providing media content distributor and producer of high quality entertainment for audiences of Spanish and Portuguese speakers around the world. It has principal offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile and Miami, Florida, and sales offices in Brazil and Mexico.
Since 1993 SIA Interactive is dedicated to developing solutions for interactive marketing. These solutions are typically Advergames, games 3D single or multiplayer, virtual reality applications or games for mobile platforms. The team covers all the necessary aspects including creativity, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, programming and development also specific hardware (virtual reality helmets, sensors, etc.) It has offices in more than 10 countries in America and Europe, where we provide solutions that integrate development with implementation.
Absis Consulting is a company dedicated European capital from 1997 exclusively to providing consulting services, Relocation Implementation tools of Facility Management. Through an integrated portfolio provides the necessary knowledge to implement appropriate practices to each Facility Management Organization. Absis Consulting has professionals trained abroad with techniques "on the job", participating in work conducted primarily in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain and the United States.
Icolic is one of the first and most recognized interactive agencies in Argentina and has been honored for her work in both Argentina and international awards. It was created in 2001 becoming one of the first, standing out today by the creativity and quality of their work. With a creative and innovative profile, makes all kinds of campaigns putting focus on interactivity with users.
Hook Up Animation is an animation studio with over seven years of experience and proven expertise in the international animation industry. He is currently developing its own projects in order to, in the near future, be content provider as well as providing production services. Some of his current clients are Cartoon Network, Disney and Fox TV. It was founded in October 2001 by four partners, and currently has a staff of highly creative artists and professionals 60.
Globant's is the leader in Latin America in development and maintenance of software products company. His extensive knowledge of Open Source technologies, and expertise to develop a mix between these technologies and proprietary software offer customers agility and flexibility while reducing risk and total cost of ownership. Its flexibility quickly turned into one of the global players in the competitive IT services market, with world-renowned located especially in the United States and Europe customers.
Aschen Study: starts its program of paid internships with Image Campus. Aschen is the gateway to the world of work for young professionals who are perfecting the design of web sites.
Three Melons in specializes in providing Advergaming services for Internet and mobile devices and from this agreement company, our students can do paid internships, started this way, to enter the labor market one of the industries that has grown in last years.
QB9 produces "casual games" downloadable webgames for clients such as MTV, Disney, Shockwave, and Cartoon Network, among others. Through the program of paid internships, we offer part of a successful team and an industry in continuous growth.
The continued growth in the area of ​​the Animation consolidated Flux Animation Studios, with over 15 years in the audiovisual industry, one of the pioneers of the genre, differing in productions of Character Animation and using techniques MOCAP [Motion Capture ] among other. Argentina is a pioneer in technological innovation, development of customized systems and the assembly and maintenance of websites. It provides for years a Computer comprehensive service hundreds of clients use today. It has the best professionals in all areas, all with extensive technical knowledge and a great experience that is demonstrated in more than 1500 sites made in Argentina, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Chile, Italy and Spain.
PMovil, the company that owns the TOING brand, was founded in March 2001, present since the cellular content market. TOING, is the first brand with regional sales presence in Latin America Massive Ring Tones, Tones Mp3, Videos, Games, Wallpapers and Chat service. TOING has local offices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Spain where more than 36 assists operators in the region. TOING is the number one selling (Ring Tones, Tones Mp3, Wallpapers, Videos, Games and Chat) at regional level.
XL Sistemas SA is a company specialized in the production of multimedia content for the area of ​​health enterprise. It has over ten years experience in digital media and internet, and is positioned as a multimedia ally in marketing within the pharmaceutical industry. It stands in the realization of interactive software and online publications, as well as developing and implementing the latest technologies E-Learning.
CoolMedia SA is a company dedicated to building portals, multimedia design, web sites and applications. From the day of the date, start with Image Campus, the way to contribute in linking students to the labor market, being that through different practices and labor needs, students can perform their skills, competencies and training learned.
The company was born in 1998 in Buenos Aires. Currently it has operations in Argentina and the United States and alliances in Latin America. The main products of the company are the kbee content management platform and the Neos platform for interactive communication and collaboration in distributed teams.
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