Innovative internship agreement for students of Image Campus and NGD Studios


As a pioneer institution in Argentina and the region dedicated to the training of professionals in all disciplines related to the Arts, Animation and Videogames industries, IMAGE CAMPUS maintains a close relationship with studios, producers and professional associations in the country and abroad.

Its Director, Eduardo Miretti had been proposing a long time ago to the directors of the companies, an internship agreement that not only meets all the requirements prescribed by the regulations regarding salary, contributions, workload and benefits, but also the The company and the institution should commit themselves to the continuity and completion of the interns' studies. Some previous experiences, realized that when getting a job through an internship agreement, many students were tempted to work full schedules, which in most cases, ended up abandoning their studies and rarely completed their training.

The proposed IMAGE invited that, in addition to the benefits indicated by the Law, "Companies pay the 50% of the cost of the interns' studies"and motivate them and help them complete their Formation. Many company directors agreed, but it was slow to appear who would kick-start.

Andrés Chilkowski and Martín Cao, Directors of NGD Studios -one of the most important and prestigious video game producers in Argentina- were interested in the proposal since it is the policy of this company, constantly train their employees and help them financially to improve their professional performances.

The signing of the agreement was made in the Aula Magna de IMAGE CAMPUS Filled by advanced students from various disciplines of this industry. The directors of the institution were present, as well as the company Mr. Martín Cao and the Human Resources Manager María Eugenia Pochettino, who announced the procedure for presenting the portfolios.